How to let go of the past

To let go of the past, you need to deal with the things you’ve never come to terms with. It also includes the things you didn’t know you had a problem with, until it became obvious you had a problem.

Anything or everything in your life that leaves you unable to cope.

The suggestions below may be helpful:

  • Write down your thoughts in a journal or a letter, recording everything that’s bothering you;
  • Talk to the people you’ve had a problem with, particularly if not talking to them is stopping you from moving on;
  • Share your feelings. If there are any mistakes you’ve made admit and own them;
  • Understand the bigger picture and everyone’s part in what you’re struggling with;
  • If you feel angry deal with the anger. Get help if you need it. A counsellor is usually a good starting place. If not a counsellor, a good friend, someone who will listen.

The past is the key to us living successfully in the present. Dealing with the past helps us make better decisions and form better relationships. Without dealing with the past, we can never expect to feel good in the present.

It’s never easy dealing with issues from our past, but it’s well worth the effort when we do. You will be amazed at just how much better you will begin feel.

12 Jun, 2011

4 thoughts on “How to let go of the past

  1. I know I have several things in my past that I need to let go of.

    My fathers death, my divorce and death of my ex husband and a few indiscretions I have made. I’m dealing with the death of my father and my mother’s relationship with me.

    I feel better since I’ve started dealing with these things.

    1. I think we probably all do Lisa and it’s good that you’re dealing with yours. I believe it is the most important we’ll ever do in our lives and must.

      Thank you for being so honest.

  2. If we don’t deal with our past it can have an effect on how we live our life as a adult.

    It’s always better to deal with it as soon as we can or we will be struck. Not a good place to be.

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