Ignoring Covid_19 Rules

So, we’re out of lockdown and I’m officially allowed out from tomorrow 1st August, and social distancing is non-existent. I live behind a school, children aren’t social distancing and teachers are ignoring the fact that they’re playing together.

The pandemic is still here, and although numbers have been low in certain parts of the UK more than others, the numbers are rising. The UK government have got too many things wrong, but it’s not an excuse for us to ignore the fact that we still need to be socially distancing.

The World Health Organisation has confirmed the virus is here to stay, and we must work alongside it. That being the case we’re being naïve if we think we can ignore the facts and not get caught out. We may be lucky, but we mustn’t let our luck run out.

In the meantime, the more social distancing rules out of the house are ignored, the more vulnerable people will be trapped in their homes. For those vulnerable and living with a disability they not only have Covid_19 to deal with, but also have the difficulty of emotionally having to get back into their lives, made harder because others aren’t taking the necessary precautionary measures.

Having gone out for a drive recently we drove past a ‘car boot sale’ place, there must have been 100 people queuing behind each other waiting to go in, with only 4 or 5 people were wearing masks. Covid_19 doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t care who you are, and where you think you can do what you want, you can’t. We must all do more to help and protect each other.

Yes, we must all be sensible so that we can reduce Covid. With scenes like this, the rates will continue to rise and I’ll still be in lockdown in 4 months’ time.

31 Jul, 2020

2 thoughts on “Ignoring Covid_19 Rules

  1. We know now that wearing masks, along with social distancing reduces the risk of Covid-19 transmission significantly, that’s very clear. How much more evidence do we need, it’s quite simple?

    So it boggles my mind when I see large gatherings of people who aren’t wearing masks, during a pandemic that is literally bringing the world to its knees. It doesn’t make sense to me at all.

    With that, please wear your face coverings and stay informed. The CP Diary provides pertinent information during these turbulent times.

    1. Thanks Tim and I agree. I think we should all be wearing masks outside; in hairdressers, barber shops and beauty salons. We also need common sense advice from Governments. They need to lead from the front.

      They need to take control and from the same page so that all countries are working towards the same goal. We have a pandemic. We must all do our bit to lessen its impact.

      People are losing their lives needlessly. I am finding it hard to watch it all play out, particularly as I am already high risk for Covid19.

      We must all do what we can.

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