Ignoring our emotions

We take supplements, we make sure we try to eat healthy foods, we spend our life pampering ourselves and that’s fine, but we literally ignore everything on the inside.

We bury vulnerability. We seek out quick fixes and play the resilience card, the card that helps us to bounce back without a moment’s notice. We ignore the things that matter and fail to take care of those things. We spend our lives putting problems on hold, promising to deal with problems later, but later never comes.

We place, ‘I’ll deal with it another time’ labels on everything, either because we have no idea how to deal with those things, or we simply choose to live in denial. As we seek perfection outside of ourselves, we forget to first seek perfection inside.

As human beings, we can adapt and heal and can grow. Hardships challenges and changes are all there to deepen our soul. We must work on them all.

9 Mar, 2016

6 thoughts on “Ignoring our emotions

  1. Love this! I Couldn’t agree more! I think we’re so busy with life and stresses, we unintentionally ignore our emotions. I know I do.

    1. Thanks Bonnie! Yes I agree it’s easy to just ignore what we know we have to deal with in the hope the issue will go away, but from experience it never does.

      I would just add that ignoring our emotions, unfortunately go on to create other issues, particularly when we come to cope less, because of our stress and stressful issues.

      Stress only goes away when we deal with that particular stressful situation.

  2. Amen to that! That is very true, it won’t go away if we pretend the issues don’t exist.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes absolutely… unfortunately for us! I always think it’s better to deal with things as they become issues. That way our issues don’t get out of hand.

  3. I have spent the majority of my life ignoring my emotions just to survive, but it doesn’t work for living!

    There was a part of myself that I tried to bury deep in my subconscious, but it didn’t work. You can try stuffing all the bad feelings, but then you also have to stuff the good ones so you end up feeling nothing at all!

    I have felt like a zombie since I was a very young child. My parents didn’t seem to want to be bothered with our feelings as kids, so it’s no wonder we all have our issues. My siblings were able to escape the worst of it, which I had to deal with since I was the youngest and wasn’t able to escape. My demons got the best of me which I have to live with now!

    People probably think I’m horrible with the way I talk about my parents, but they didn’t have to survive through the hell that we did! We were neglected and treated like we were invisible, so our emotions didn’t really matter. In this day and age we would have been taken away from them, which I wish would have happened sometimes!

    They were only together because of us, so we wouldn’t be taken away and sent to separate places, which they liked to remind us of daily, it seemed. We were used as pawns in their twisted game! They used our emotions against u,s to brainwash into being loyal to one or the other, which was so unfair to force us to choose between them.

    My emotions start to surface if I think about it for too long, which is why I usually try not to. You can’t stuff them down for a lifetime and not have them surface like a volcano, all at once. I’m the type of person who usually snaps one day and everybody wonders how it happened. A lifetime of neglect and abuse will tend to do that to a person.

    My parents weren’t very good examples of how to deal with emotions, since they mostly used them to psychologically torture us into doing what they wanted. I was forced to ignore my emotions which makes it so very difficult now to identify what I’m feeling at times!

    My biggest hope is that I can one day feel like a normal person and be comfortable in my own skin. I often envied Data from Star Trek:NG since he was an android who couldn’t feel anything as far as emotions. He wanted so desperately to be able to feel like a human, when there are many who would rather feel nothing at all!

    The most I can do now is try to work on feeling what I can, which isn’t a whole lot. Part of me is like a child who is learning what their feelings are and how to deal with them normally.

    I kind of skipped over that part as a child and have to learn how to do it now. It won’t be pleasant I know, but it’s all part of being ‘human.’

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes your last paragraph ties up your response nicely and is part of life’s scenario I feel.

      We can ignore our emotions for so long, but those emotions will always surface and we’ll still need to deal with them.

      I tend to own what’s mine and have learned to let what doesn’t belong to me go. Although it’s not always easy to do, I feel it’s important to recognise and understand how and what our emotions are.

      As children we tend not to think about things too deeply; we’re also not always so sure how or why we feel a certain way until we’re much older and begin to realise the issues we have and why we have them. I became more aware of mine as I got older.

      As hard as it is to sort out our issues, I do feel it important to deal with our issues. As you rightly say, this is something you have to learn how to do. Dealing with issues is part of being human, you’re right.

      We all have to deal with them.

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