It takes hearing about someone who has passed away in the news to make us realise how vulnerable we are to illness. There is no doubt in my mind that illness doesn’t rely on just one thing, illness comes in through many sources.

I agree that if our lifestyle choices are good, we are more likely to stay well, but unfortunately health doesn’t just rely on us getting our lifestyle right. I also think there is a fine line between us staying well and ill health. I tend to fleet between the two myself, whilst others may fare better.

Environmental issues are one concern and needs to be addressed by us all. We are constantly exposing ourselves to harmful toxins in the environment that can cause illness without a doubt. These toxins may cause disease, pain and in some circumstances may contribute to death. Man-made toxins such as pesticides, car exhausts and natural toxins can also make us ill.

Although some of us may have high accumulations of toxins in our body, we may be lucky enough just to present with sinus problems, headaches, allergies or even back pain. For others toxins may add to more chronic problems.

It is agreed that the healthier we are, the less likely we are to fall ill. So perhaps we should detoxify by eating wholesome foods and cut down on more acidic foods. Take a regular vitamin and herbal supplement; exercise moderately and make sure we have a good quota of sleep.

All these will contribute to better health. Something I try and advocate daily.

7 Oct, 2011

6 thoughts on “Illness

  1. I agree we are poorly for a variety of reasons relating to lifestyle and I am sure there is room for improvement for all of us in terms of diet and exercise as you usefully suggest.

    I agree beneficial sleep, especially is important.

    It does take a conscious effort to look after ourselves more healthily. I think stress is also a contributor to illness.

  2. I agree 100%.

    I’m sure my body is so toxic right now. I just know it. That’s probably why I have such a hard time with my health.

    I think I’m scared to detoxify due to feeling worse; even though I’ll feel much better in the long term.

    1. I agree with you Lisa. We tend to feel worse when we detoxify, but as you say you’ll feel better in the longer term and that’s important.

      I hope you begin to feel better soon.

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