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There are so many of us with different forms of cerebral palsy whose symptoms will vary accordingly. Unfortunately, no two cases are the same.

How many of us as we age will have symptoms, but with no concrete evidence out there to document or pin-point symptoms to a particular type of cerebral palsy. Just because those symptoms aren’t documented by the experts, doesn’t mean they’re not happening.

There is no research on cerebral palsy, although there are one or two websites from people who live with the condition, talking about their experiences. Ageing has a part to play in how we will cope with the condition, but I also know that having cerebral palsy has compounded the problems I have now.

There are conditions out there that are more documented than cerebral palsy, but even if those other conditions are documented it doesn’t mean others you live amongst, know fully about what you deal with.

11 Jun, 2010

2 thoughts on “Information that supports

  1. As you said, almost every case is different in some way and people believe what they see written down so if you have a certain disease or infliction you must have the symptoms they read about. They don’t understand there is more to the picture and you don’t have to suffer from all the symptoms listed. and they assume your on all these meds and should be an invalid or in bed. I hear “how do you do all you do?” “Shouldn’t you be in the bed or something, disabled?” I push myself to go and just because Ive been diagnosed with these problems I refuse to give in and throw in the towel. I will go as long as I can. Sure its difficult sometimes but if I give up I’ll not be me anymore.

  2. Lisa absolutely, I believe some do, some don’t know or some choose not to believe, because if they don’t believe they don’t have to deal with anything. Perhaps they find it easier not to, or they’re too wrapped up with their own problems to help with what perhaps you might deal with.

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