Informed opinions

Because we spend the majority of our lives either forming opinions, or listening to other people’s opinions, it’s important we’re informed about the opinions we go on to form.

It’s not that anyone goes out of their way to get opinions wrong, but without opinions being backed by facts that are supported by logic, our opinions and how we deliver those opinions will always fall short of the mark.

Bringing perceptions into opinions without research or logic, means our opinions cannot be quantified. Unfortunately, opinions can never be equal because there are so many things that need to be brought into the equation first that need to be considered.

When we come from a place of knowledge, our opinions will always be more robust and sophisticated, lending themselves to more relevant and accurate discussions. The more we go in and talk about things we know very little about, or we think we know, but don’t, the harder it will be to come back from or back down from those opinions.

It may also change other people’s perceptions of us because of how we handle ourselves, because without being completely informed, those opinions could well turn into arguments. Opinions help us grow emotionally and for that reason alone, it’s important to make sure our opinions are relevant and present.

20 May, 2016

4 thoughts on “Informed opinions

  1. We may not be fully aware of how dangerous some opinions can be, especially if derived from people with agenda’s. I am more afraid of ignorance than I am of the consequences that the truth can bring.

    Imagine how much people can steal from you by their opinions alone.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, opinions can be both dangerous and helpful I feel.

      It’s enormously important even if we don’t offer an opinion, we need to understand other’s people opinions, particularly from the people who have an agenda or a hidden agenda.

      There are so many of us who live in ignorance when it comes to opinions, but making ourselves informed means we won’t get caught out.

  2. The only opinion that should really matter is our own as that is the one with which we interact and form relationships around.

    I gave up a long time ago trying to convince others they are wrong, that’s for them to sort out.

    1. Thanks, yes I agree with you we cannot convince anyone who doesn’t want to listen or be convinced. As you say that’s for them to sort out. I do however, think it matters that people allow us to voice our opinions where we feel those opinions matter or will affect that person. On our part we need to be sure of course.

      Just because someone doesn’t accept something we say formed from our opinion, doesn’t mean what we’re saying won’t happen is wrong, regardless of whether they need to be convinced. We usually need to be convinced before we’ll listen, or we’re living in denial over what’s being told to us.

      Either scenario isn’t great. Perhaps we just need to run with the idea that there may be some truth in what’s being said and that we should listen, particularly if it’s for our benefit.

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