Initiating change

The sad reality is that we allow our subconscious to dictate how we live in the present and that can never help us initiate change.

We have to be the ones who initiate and want change. Change can only happen when we’re willing to embrace the idea of change. We can talk about change and most of us do, but unless we’re prepared to deal with and work through our issues stored in our subconscious, how we think will never change and therefore change can never happen.

Once we’re through the other end of change, it is possible to then inspire others to change, but unless they’re ready for change, themselves, there’s nothing we can do to make them change. Readiness for change always comes, at a time when we’re ready to deal with the issues that once forced us to hold back.

Our readiness is something we must continually work on, triggered by notable experiences that we are ready to address. I was tired of feeling and carrying guilt that others put on me that didn’t belong to me. I was also tired of being made to carry other people’s beliefs that weren’t my own and those were holding me back.

It’s living the life we want to live through change. It’s also wanting to make connections through a deeper sense of purpose.

26 Apr, 2018

4 thoughts on “Initiating change

  1. Yes, it has been very sad that I have allowed my fear of change to dictate my life, when it could have been so much different had I not.

    There was a time when I could have been happy with the kind of woman I had always wanted to be with, but I chose the path of least resistance and have suffered ever since.

    I watched my parents waste most of their lives doing the same old thing and being miserable, so I should know that I need to change my ways if I ever want a chance to be truly happy.

    The hardest part for me, has always been taking that first leap of faith, since it seemed to always end so badly before, but these are very different times and I don’t have to go through it alone now.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, the part you describe is the part we all may struggle with, but we must take the ‘leap of faith’ to have a realistic chance of peace.

      Letting history repeat itself is sadly soul destroying and is something we need to change. Wasting time and letting the clock tick away, talking about what we must change and not changing is counter-productive to our life and can make us ill if we continue to emotionally hone in on it.

      The best thing I ever did was take that ‘leap of faith’ with the Diary. Without that, I’d still be in the same emotional place. I’d still be unhappy and without a diagnosis or answers.

      We really must initiate change if we want to have a better quality of life.

  2. I unconsciously straighten my posture each time I initiate change and each time I visit this site. This blog was particularly helpful.

    You’re making me hold a firm grip on things, Ilana.

    1. That’s lovely. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you are able to get a firm grip on things through my blogs.

      This is music to my ears Tim. Thank you!!!

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