Inner happiness

Inner happiness is a state of ‘being’ one which is rare, not something we all have but something we must continually work on and strive for.

With work on ourselves it’s something we can acquire. As we continue to live our lives, we convince ourselves that if things were different, for example, if we had a new car, or the next tech thing, then we would feel and be happy, but inner happiness isn’t about ‘things.’

Acquiring more things can and never will bring us happiness. Things don’t just make us happy, it’s just another ‘thing’ we acquire. To find happiness we must let go of seeking material and transient things and discover all that resides within us.

Instead, we take on other people’s suffering as if their suffering were our own. We must live without the labels. We are uniquely different, we must identify with what makes us, us and stop identifying as something, rather us being us. If we must identify with something, then we must identify with positivity.

It is okay to be you, it is okay to accept you with your imperfections. Life isn’t perfect, the human condition is inevitably flawed. Inner happiness comes from acceptance. Your relationship with you lasts a lifetime, make friends with you, choose to be kind to you and you’ll have no difficulty in accepting what life hands out.

No matter what you deal with, or what you feel, accept that you feel what you feel, and your suffering will lessen. The bad times will come, but the good times will surface too. It is important to be ready for all eventualities. Acknowledge your feelings, it will be your biggest gift.

If you can meditate, meditate. Meditation is known to change the circuits in the brain associated with happiness, contentment and stimulates the ‘feel-good’ factor.

12 May, 2020

4 thoughts on “Inner happiness

  1. Happiness isn’t something that I know a lot about other than it always seemed an impossible dream. I have watched other people find it so easily, while I was doomed to misery and despair that I couldn’t seem to escape from.

    I’m sure that it was because I was raised to be envious and resentful for not having certain things, without really being shown that I could do a lot of things on my own to make myself happy. My mother went out of her way to make my life as miserable as she was.

    I’m just trying to focus more on living my own life now and doing what I need to do to make myself happy.

    1. Thanks Randy. Well that’s great. ‘I’m trying to focus more on living my own life now and doing what I need to do to make myself happy – love that.

      I can resonate with your words. Not easy when there is no emotional support and you’re struggling to fit into your life.

      But life changes, our circumstances change and we become mentally stronger, more focused on the changes we need to make. I’m on your team.

  2. While it is not exactly easy finding peace and happiness in our crazy lives, I don’t think finding inner happiness is rocket science either, even though it seems to elude most of us.

    Perhaps that’s because we end up doing things which are the opposite of finding peace and happiness. Once we realise and take control, then perhaps we can work towards finding happiness.

    1. You’re right finding happiness isn’t rocket science but until we put our health and wellbeing first, finding happiness within us will continue to elude many.

      We’ve been taught badly. We’re also replacing emotional and mental health with ‘things’ that can and will never make us happy. People also cannot make us happy, only ourselves.

      It’s back to basics on this one.

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