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We hide our emotions, bury our vulnerability, spend our time convincing ourselves we’re okay, but inwardly we’re not feeling that way.

Wouldn’t it be good if taking care of ourselves was just about taking care of our physical needs? Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, because the catalyst of taking care of ourselves, is our ability to deal with our emotions. Without our emotions in-tact, we will have very little in the way of health and although we will get by, getting by means we’re not really living.

We have the ability to change. We all have the ability to think and understand and we all have the ability to change the way we do things, so that we take good care of ourselves on the inside and out.

A few helpful tips:

  • Acknowledge and recognise how you feel;
  • Look at your life to see where and how you can make changes;
  • If you’re dealing with hurt, write down some of your thoughts past and present, so that you recognise how you feel;
  • Sometimes what we feel is not attributed to our current situation;
  • Make an appointment to go and talk to someone if you feel you’re not coping;
  • Distance yourself from those who continue to cause you stress;
  • Get to know yourself;
  • Say no to any commitments you would normally say yes to if you’re not up to it;
  • Learn to connect with your inner thoughts so that you’re connecting with yourself. Choose beliefs that will bring you the most peace;
  • Change your lifestyle completely to incorporate all the above.

When we take better care of our emotional health, we will become less vulnerable, will stay well and have more peace.

3 May, 2014

6 thoughts on “Inside & out

  1. Good ideas. Good post. I’m thinking of starting journaling to help myself more with my feelings. I hold so much in sometimes and need to get it out.

    I know we can make ourselves ill if we hold things in, I saw it happen with my father. He held his feelings in and worried all the time and of course developed high blood pressure and I’m sure some other problems. It didn’t help to find out he worried about me all the time and then he worried about my daughter when she came along.

    I think it would have helped him tremendously if he could have gotten it out some how.

    1. Good idea on the journalling Lisa. I also think you’re right, it would have helped had your father been able to talk about what he felt, instead of worrying.

      I saw the same thing happen to my mother. She used to do exactly the same thing. I am sure she would still be here, if she hadn’t emotionally carried so much emotionally.

      We have to look after our emotional health. I believe there is a correlation with our health.

  2. I’ve spent the majority of my life just surviving, so I don’t exactly have a lot of experience living.

    Most people have a chance to pick up life skills as they grow up, but we skipped over a lot of that straight to acting like adults. My parents didn’t seem to deal with life very well so they weren’t exactly the greatest role models.

    It’s just very frustrating at times, when there are certain things in life I should know how to do but don’t have a clue! I’m just trying to do the best I can now so that I can finally get around to doing a lot more than just surviving.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes I know what it’s like just to survive too. Until I began to take control of my own life that is exactly what I did.

      I still believe though, even with parents who aren’t the best of role models we can still change our lives so that we take control for ourselves, begin to look after ourselves whilst changing other things too.

      We all know how we’re were brought up; we also know how we should have been brought up. I believe we must all try to work on things so that we live the life we want to live. Even with the wrong life skills behind us, we can go on to live with the right life skills, just by changing the things we’re not happy with.

      As soon as I began to deal with my past and my emotions that were tied up to my past, my life began to change in other areas too.

      I know you’re more than up to it Randy.

  3. I think our emotional well-being is a vast un-addressed area of our overall health that is sadly neglected these days. The word ‘dis-ease’ says it all!

    1. I agree. I think it is not only sadly, but widely neglected. I was lucky enough to be born into a family where health was addressed, but not everyone will have access or understand how to look after themselves.

      There is also very little understanding about emotional health and how that plays it’s part in disease. The UK government is trying to address nutrition because of obesity, but our emotions are just as important, if not more.

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