Introspection allows us to search deep within us so that we can learn everything we need to know about ourselves.

We must examine and observe our own mental and emotional process, because not to means we’re less likely to take control and without control we will make less of our own decisions. Any future decisions may then be based on other people’s opinions, not based on our own thoughts, wants or needs.

When we use introspection, we will see our struggles as opportunities to work on aspects of our emotional and spiritual health. I would go on to say introspection is a completely necessary part of life for us to at least function in our ‘own normal.’

6 Sep, 2015

4 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. Excellent thought provoking blog.

    I agree, the examination of our own conscious thoughts and feelings and the resultant control this brings, must surely be one of the most important attributes we acquire, while we muddle our way through this life.

    1. Thank you! Yes this is the only way I know for us to go on to achieve clarity on experiences past, present issues and understanding on our future.

      When we come to introspect on what we’ve had to deal with, we allow ourselves to put some of those unwanted issues (skeletons) to bed and it’s that, which helps us sort our present issues out. I use it a lot.

  2. I wasn’t exactly allowed to do a lot of introspection as a child, since I was expected to take care of my mother most of the time!

    I was treated more like her ’emotional teddy bear,’ which meant I wasn’t really supposed to have an identity of my own. She went well out her way to break my spirit and eventually she succeeded.

    I have spent most of my life doing what everybody else wanted me to do and not really thinking about what it was that I wanted. Kind of hard to do anything more than just exist under those circumstances!

    Now I am trying to look inside myself and figure out what exactly it is that I want to do with my life. I would be happy just be comfortable in my own skin for the most part and not feel so horrible for wanting to have my own life.

    I wasn’t available for my daughter when she was growing up so I really need to work on being a better father, even though she’s 25 and living far away. Looking at myself hasn’t ever been something I enjoyed doing, but it’s what needs to be done for me to move on in my life!

    1. I hear you! Until I left home that is exactly how I lived my life. Becoming independent for the first time away from home, brought about a new thought process for me. The rest of the time I spent my time pleasing family, instead of pleasing myself.

      I think moving out of my childhood home, spurred me on. Although I wasn’t completely independent, in my head I always felt independent. At that time, although I didn’t stop pleasing others, I did come to think more about myself and learned how to say No, where before I would always say Yes.

      I know how hard it is to look within to find the answers, but to be honest Randy, having done it I’ve never had to look back, because doing it brings about all the understanding you will ever need and ammunition to start afresh.

      I am sure when we all look back there will be things we’re not proud of, but a lot of what you have written here on the site, has very little to do with you. I hope you can see that.

      Even before you introspect, I hope you can see that you’re not responsible for how your parents brought you up. That responsibility solely lies with your parents, not with you.

      Perhaps it’s time to let that one go.

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