Is the glass half empty?

‘Is the glass half empty or half full?’ Do you see life as a reason to celebrate, or has your life become an everyday chore? But there is no doubt, we will achieve very little with a half empty glass.

No matter the experience, it’s important we look for and think about opportunities as well as constraints to try to balance the glass being half empty or half full. Our perceptions and how we see and cope with the world will always determine which expression refers to us.

Seeing everything from a glass half empty point of view will limit success, opportunities and health. It stands to reason that the more knowledgeable we are, the less likely we are to be negative and the fuller we will want our glass to be.

It’s important we choose to interpret our situation and circumstances positively. No matter what we’ve had to endure, it’s important we choose a half full cup.

12 Aug, 2018

4 thoughts on “Is the glass half empty?

  1. My glass feels half empty right now. My life has become more like Groundhog Day where every day seems to be the same, with only a few different circumstances on occasion to break up the monotony.

    People seem to think it’s easy to just walk away from a relationship, but for me it hasn’t been easy. There may be the chance of losing material goods like a new vehicle, but considering the amount of freedom I could attain, it would ultimately be worth it.

    I have to focus on the glass being half full at this point, seeing as I too easily get bogged down by the little things and lose sight of the big picture.

    It would be fantastic to once again, feel like I have control over my own life which I haven’t felt in a very long time.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, materialistic possessions can never replace our emotional lives, although it doesn’t stop us thinking it can.

      Society seems to put a lot of emphasis on material worth, I never have. Feeling better in ourselves means we’re more likely to put a positive slant on the negative things and that means we’ll start filling our cup up more.

      I am sure your friends know it’s not easy for you to walk away from your relationship, but them wanting you to keep your sanity is more important. Sometimes we have to think about these things.

      If it means walking away, then perhaps that is what they think you should do. We can’t put a price on mental health. Our everyday relationships are the catalyst for good or bad mental health.

  2. I try to be a half full person but it’s not always easy keeping that up all the time, as we’re all surrounded by so much negativity.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I think there is an element of truth in what you say, but I also think it depends on the person.

      A person who sees his or life positively, even when faced with adversity or negativity, will always want to put a positive slant on those circumstances.

      Even through neglect, I have still chosen to see my life positively.

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