Issues and change

Issues are very much the catalyst for non-change. Dealing with issues are important if we are to come through the other end of change. For that to happen, issues must be continually addressed, so change can happen.

It is important for us to understand our reasons for resisting change. We are initially resistant to change because of unresolved issues. Change in the whole is a good thing.

The reason we ignore change is fear and the effect we think change will have on us. We fail to trust that we can work and be successful through change. We find it difficult to believe in ourselves, in our abilities that we’re even capable of change.

We’re also busy, we have little time for change, but perhaps that’s our excuse for deciding not to change. We have little tolerance when working through change. Issues are the reason for non-change.

We must continue to keep an open mind and be open about our feelings and work on change. We’re more likely to succeed with change when we’re in control. We assume the worst possible outcome, until we know we’re capable of handling change.

Share your thoughts and ask for help on the things you need to know about, and work through the issues that will help you adapt to change and through the other end.

1 May, 2019

4 thoughts on “Issues and change

  1. I have noticed lately that my interests have shifted towards change, in hurried steps.

    Perhaps I’m beginning to hold myself accountable, instead of circling around the same old people and the same old places.

    1. Change is important if we are to spiritually, mentally and emotionally grow. Those give us a better life.

      I think the reason we sometimes look for change is because we’re desperate to change our life, and to change who we have in our lives.

      When it comes to family and we don’t have a choice that’s the time we may crave change, but where that isn’t the case, we must look to ourselves, deal with our issues and change.

      In certain cases, it is us who keep us stuck, often because we’re sitting on issues that we’re not dealing with that need to be resolved.

  2. Every change costs something. Often there is an emotional response to change. Change seems to have become a constant and regular in our lives and seems to come about when everything has settled.

    It’s become the norm but coping with change is difficult as ever. Realising and recognising the emotions of change can help us better cope with change and working through difficult decisions, rather than ignore them.

    1. Yes, I agree with your thinking. It’s important we recognise our emotions and issues. We all have a different way of coping. One size doesn’t fit all.

      However we deal with our emotions, it is important we find ways to help us cope with our emotions. It is the apprehension of change rather than change itself that will often make us stressed.

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