It’s all in the tone

We set the tone, how we get to live our lives, through our words and actions. What we say, how we behave, the energy we bring will either move us towards a desired outcome, or an outcome less desirable.

When we set the tone, we establish the way an activity or event will happen. We set the tone, we shape what’s possible. But to set the tone, we must all learn to respect our differences, show a personal interest that encourages us to listen and learn, whilst keeping an open mind on its possibilities.

We set the tone by correcting past experiences, asking the right questions, sharing information, openly communicating and being transparent. What we say we will do, we must do. We must stick to our word.

We will lack integrity when what we say isn’t in alignment with our intentions. Our values and behaviour must be completely in sync. We must show others we are serious about what we want to create and what our intentions are.

It’s all in the tone. We set the tone through how we describe our experiences, how we talk about ourselves. Our experiences are filled with emotion and depending on the experience, our words will either hurt us, or we will endear ourselves to no-one.

Words hurt, we must think about our tone and how we use our words. As a child dealing with a disability I didn’t know I had, made it difficult for me to get my tone right. It was up to others to help me set my tone positively, it wasn’t something I could control. I was hurting.

People can tell a lot through our tones. Our mindset and attitude are revealed through our words. What we value, our doubts, concerns and worries are all revealed through our words. We have lost sight of how we project ourselves to each other and in society, but this is something we can fix.

Through our experiences, when we unconsciously negatively continue to focus on ourselves, we’re not fixing our issues and therefore our tones will never change.

31 Oct, 2019

2 thoughts on “It’s all in the tone

  1. I agree. Without the proper tone we can make our lives very uncomfortable. In fact, we may actually ruin our relationships in the long run.

    I have been an observer of my tone for as long as I can remember.

    1. Yes, guilty! I agree not watching our tones can make for difficult relationships. As a child, I don’t know how many times I was told to think about my tone, but without dealing or helping me with my issues that would never change.

      As an adult it’s much easier to be an observer of our tone and how we speak to others, but it’s something we must do consciously. The world would be sweeter, people would be friendlier, if only we observed our tones.

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