It’s what we let happen

This blog is rather timely with what’s happening in the world, with the pandemic at this time. It’s what we let happen, when we could have made better choices.

When we take control and we make better choices, we change our circumstances and we become less fearful. It is only when we look deep into things that we think about these things, but I would rather be informed, than be non-informed and not change anything.

We become more balanced individuals when we take control of our lives, in spite of what happens to us; we grow through the experiences. It’s what we let happen not what happens that we struggle with.

My story serves as a reminder that however long it takes for us to take back control of our lives and make positive choices, we absolutely must.

17 Oct, 2020

2 thoughts on “It’s what we let happen

  1. As I was standing in line to vote recently, I noticed a bunch of maskless people exercising their constitutional right to give me Covid-19. At that point it was clear to me that I could be killed by persons unknown.

    So I left and decided to vote by mail. That decision had everything to do with fear, nothing to do with intelligence, but I took control nevertheless. This blog is indeed timely.

    1. Thanks Tim. It was the right decision to make. I think you made your decision based on how you physically felt, but I also think you used your intelligence too.

      We run through fear, but somewhere in there we’re also using our brain to focus on the situation and that is based on intelligence.

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