It’s wrong to judge

Where others have passed their judgment on us, they need to stop judging and we need to get on with our lives.

Being born with a disability adds to other people’s opinions and judgments on how we will fare, but it’s not the sole reason. Although it’s not always our intention to prove our critics wrong, it helps when we can.

Even with our critics, with or without a disability, we may still have numerous challenges, but it’s not the challenges that are the problem, it’s how we solve our challenges, but it doesn’t stop others judging us.

It’s our challenges that builds resilience and resourcefulness and together they make us stronger. But no matter who judges, it’s our job to prove them wrong.

7 Jun, 2019

6 thoughts on “It’s wrong to judge

  1. Why should we have to prove them wrong? If we’re being judged for something that is part of us, like a disability, or because we were raised by different standards, we shouldn’t have to prove anything.

    I understand there are different types of judgment, like judging someone for something we perceive as wrong or different, but may just be natural to them. I think it should take more understanding from society than anything else.

    We’ve become such a judgmental society. Every time I turn around, I hear judgment and people being offensive. It’s getting extremely out of hand. We need to stop judging others.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think it’s wrong to judge others too. You are right society has got into the habit of judging others.

      It’s not just in our personal lives though, it’s happening in the media and in government. Everyone seems to think it’s their place to pass judgment.

      Instead, we need to come together to support one another more. We need to see another person’s point of view and help them, rather than stand in judgment of them.

  2. I agree with Lisa. Not only is it wrong in my view for us to judge, as that involves a judgement and why is anyones judgement more valid than another, but I gave up trying to prove to others that they can sometimes be wrong.

    I don’t feel the need to convince someone else if I believe I am right. It has taken me a long time to work that logic out, but it has brought me peace and quiet.

    1. Thanks. Yes, when it’s something we deal with. No one is entitled to pass a judgment on what we deal with when they don’t know what we’ve been through.

      You are right though, we don’t have to convince or prove to others when they pass judgment and we know they are wrong.

      The hard part is letting go of us wanting to get our point across just so we are heard, and that is a learning curve for many, still yet to learn.

  3. ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged.’ I tried very hard to live by this philosophy, but it didn’t do me a lot of good. Sometimes you have to judge to avoid dealing with the worst kind of people.

    My parents pretty much forced us to be accepting of everyone when they should have been teaching us the difference between good and evil.

    My siblings and I suffered in the name of being ‘good christians’ when church members were the worst kind of hypocrites you could imagine.

    I know there are times when it’s wrong to judge people, but there are times when it’s a necessity, when you’re allowing people into your life who may not always have the best intentions.

    1. Yes, we have our integrity to uphold. When we’re being judged and it’s not warranted it’s important we speak out and speak our truth.

      And that sometimes includes speaking out against family and institutions too. In terms of how the universe works, it’s important we do what’s right, what others do is for them to reconcile.

      We’re simply here to help others, not stand in judgment or take action because we don’t like how others live.

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