Judged through our responses

We become who we are based upon our responses to events. Others may then observe our behaviour and assess our personality and the type of people we are on how we respond and react. I was always being judged.

Our responses come from a combination of habit and other predetermined reactions that stem from our environments and background. Although these are unique to us, they form part of who we are as people. When we’re consciously aware of our reasoning and why we do things, those reasons will enhance understanding of our learned behaviour.

But many of our thoughts will be determined through our unconscious thoughts. Those thoughts include experiences, unconscious feelings, unconscious issues, unconscious habits and complexes, anything we’ve had to experience that make up our behaviour. Everything we’re not consciously aware of in our everyday lives, will continue to influence our everyday responses and behaviour.

It will always be up to us to acknowledge our actions. It is up to us to understand ourselves and to put ourselves out there in a way that is appropriate. There must be continual understanding, not just on what people say, but understanding behind why they say what they say.

It is only when we come to understand the person behind the response, will we understand why they have initiated the response in the way they have. Therefore, we must have and be in control of our unconscious thoughts, because it is the unconscious thoughts that feed the conscious thoughts.

When we ignore our issues that we haven’t yet dealt with on an unconscious level, we will always be limited to our response and judged by what we say.

4 Aug, 2020

2 thoughts on “Judged through our responses

  1. It’s scary the way we contribute to the tearing down of other people’s self- esteem by being so judgemental, there’s more to people than their mere responses. If we remove our blindfolds we may see that and give people the benefit of the doubt.

    There have been moments in my life when my responses weren’t particularly ideal, but that didn’t warrant a dishonest evaluation of me.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’ve eloquently argued your point and you’re right and in doing so you have highlighted what happened to me.

      Yes, I was an angry child, but I was angry for a reason. If the underlying reasons addressed, life would have turned out differently for me growing up.

      The underlying issues were always there, and were allowed to go unnoticed, until I took control and changed it.

      As in your case also, and from what you have said here in your responses, your life also hasn’t gone without a hitch. Children aren’t innately bad.

      They simply respond to stimuli that is going on around them, what they are made to deal with and go through.

      Tim, whilst you have said your responses ‘weren’t particularly ideal’ you had your responses for the responses you gave. It would have been up to the adults to understand.

      This is on them and you’re off the hook.

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