Keeping the wrong company

There is such a thing as keeping the wrong company. There are good people who get caught up with people they put their faith in who don’t care for them, who believe they have their back. Those are the people they believe will change for the better even though others are telling them they won’t.

Perhaps we’re afraid to be alone that we subconsciously know others are right, but admitting they’re right means we will have to come to terms with our life and that means having to come out of our comfort zone. If those we’re with with aren’t good for us, we mustn’t be afraid to walk away. No matter how hard it is, it’s better than being in the wrong company.

It’s important we choose the kind of people we want in our life, because those people will play a small part in shaping our daily lives. We need people who will have our backs and who can help us achieve our goals. Knowing someone’s personality, can prevent us from ever starting to keep the wrong company.

Those relationships where we’re in the wrong company can cause us stress and keep us emotionally stuck. Depending on their lifestyle, keeping the wrong company can be detrimental to our emotional and physical health, particularly if those we’re keeping company with are dabbling in substance abuse.

It’s important we continue to work on our emotional and physical health as we journey through our lives, therefore we must choose to keep the right company. Being surrounded by positive people who are kind is nourishing to the soul.

7 Jul, 2018

6 thoughts on “Keeping the wrong company

  1. It is often said that you can tell what a person is like by the company he keeps and deduce from them what sort of a person they are. Birds of a feather, flock together as the saying goes.

    We should look at the people we share out lives with and ask ourselves if they really have the qualities to make us feel happy? Are they positive? Do they support us? Do we feel happy and energized after spending time with them?

    If we can’t honestly answer ‘yes’ then maybe it’s time to make some difficult choices, as you say, to keep us emotionally well.

    1. I think to be honest this is part of the problem with society.

      When it comes to friends we can decide who we choose to spend time with and the company we keep; family is different and a lot more difficult to work around. Where culture is involved, near to impossible.

      It takes a thick-skinned person to walk away from that one. There will always be repercussions to that scenario.But ultimately it’s why people stay together.

      When it comes to friends there is no excuse.

  2. I could write a book about this subject, which I probably should. People have often asked me the question what’s wrong with you about the people I have ended up associating with and I haven’t ever really had any good answer.

    I have wondered that myself for such a long time, since I have ended up in so many toxic relationships and had so many toxic friends. Any normal person would stop doing it, but I imagine it stems from being forced to deal with those kind of people as a kid and not knowing any different.

    I’m at the point where I must break this pattern while I still have time. I would love to be able to enjoy my life for once instead of just existing and surviving through it.

    1. We flock together and do what we know subconsciously, until we consciously choose change.

      I agree with you Randy when you say you must break the pattern and I would advocate that every time. I’m sure we’re all aware to some degree. It’s important you muster up the courage to do it, by changing certain aspects of your lifestyle.

      It’s also not a friends scenario, but family scenario too. It takes determination but well worth the effort once you’re through the other end. I know because I’ve had to do it myself on one or two occasions.

  3. I am pretty good at reading people, a gift I’ve had since I can remember. So I can easily detect when someone lacks integrity, no matter how hard they try to hide it. My inner circle is too precious to entertain a bunch of crap.

    It’s just that some folks have agenda’s that will make you grab a wall for balance.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I agree. I find the whole thing so sad. What happened to things like integrity?

      In a world that is fast changing, we need to stay humble and down to earth. The more down to earth we are, the more grounded we become.

      The more grounded we become the more integrity we shall have. I stopped entertaining those with a hidden agenda a long time ago.

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