Knowing the truth

Knowing the truth will greatly anger you and then it will empower you. Knowing is better than not knowing and then having to reinvent your own version of how you think the ending should go.

To the outside world, it means you no longer have to pretend that everything is okay. You know the truth when you begin to form a different picture to the one you’ve had, and it begins to look and feel different, when you innately know you’re version is right, and neither is palatable.

You know the truth by the way you feel. The truth empowers you to want to find out more about your life, then to want to do better, to want to be better than you were yesterday. It sets you free of having to care.

With a different mindset, the truth can set you on a path to enlightenment. Knowing the truth allows for change, for you to change the way you think. It can open new doors; new opportunities and possibilities as you begin to see and think differently about your life. It is mindful, it’s breath taking, it’s also a release.

In a world that is getting buried under non-truths, knowing and telling your truth will make you unique. The world needs truth, truth helps us uncover and discover more universal truths, freedom and peace.

6 Feb, 2021

4 thoughts on “Knowing the truth

  1. ‘You can’t handle the truth,’ should be one of the many expressions to describe the human race.

    The truth is that people should be doing the right thing for us all to survive through Covid, but the reality is it’s not happening.

    My truth has been that I put others needs first, it’s what I was conditioned to do, but now I have chosen not to do that. I have watched many people doing the same exact thing for a million different reasons, and it always ends badly for the person who gives the most.

    The truth now is that we can’t change what has happened, only change what is happening now, the truth is we must face the truth and our realities and do everything we can to keep ourselves, and others safe.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, you’re right. The truth is we must all do what we can, particularly around Covid. We must handle the truth because the ‘truth’ is the truth after all. It’s not something we can avoid.

      We would all get on better if we faced up to our truths and accept responsibility for what belongs to us. My struggles would have been less, had I known about my disability earlier on. ‘Forewarned is for forearmed.’

  2. So true. The truth has its own virtue and without it there can be no morality, justice or equality. Only the truth can unite humanity.

    Perhaps that is the source of so much conflict.

    1. Yes, it is the source of the conflict in the world. Without it as you say, there can be no morality, justice or equality. It is so important moving forward that we bring morality, justice and equality into the equation.

      People and the world will fail to function, singularly and together without it. Not meaning to put a damper on things, if the pandemic is showing us one thing, it is that we must work all to support one another.

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