Learn to love yourself

The thing about insecurities is that they magnify the more you live with them, unless you learn to deal with them.

What we feel about ourselves and how those insecurities make us feel need to be addressed. Comparing our ‘own show reel’ to that of someone else will only highlight the insecurities we already feel when we look back at our own.

We must learn to be forthright and like who we are. Where the internet and social media has been a help because we’re in touch with friends, in other respects, it has made our insecurities even more noticeable and us even more insecure.

What we deal with are our realities, so it doesn’t help for us to compare. Where parents may not always think about their children making their own comparisons, that isn’t always the case. Children do inevitably compare.

So, instead of making comparisons on how you look and what you don’t like about yourself, think about having a conversation with yourself about how you feel. Learn to find the beauty inside of you, learn to love yourself.

Your relationships will change when you start to feel good about yourself. How you feel about yourself, will always reflect in your relationships.

14 Jul, 2021

2 thoughts on “Learn to love yourself

  1. We often find it easy to give our love and care to others, while at the same time we are critical of ourselves.

    So many things in our lives is affected by how much we love ourselves, yet is a journey many of us never get to embark upon, even though I believe we all can.

    1. Thank you. Yes, we may give off love and care about others, but without loving yourself you can never do it successfully.

      Love is a ‘soulful’ journey. It is without restraints of earthly traits which come between us and the person we’re in a relationship with.

      Although that may be difficult to understand completely, it is a fact. Everything we say, everything we do has to have deep meaning, and that meaning has to come from the soul.

      On a spiritual level, when the psyche is cleansed, when we will be free of our ‘earthly’ traits. Earthly traits that can leave us disillusioned with ourselves and disillusioned with our lives.

      It is those things that stop us from ‘loving who we are.’

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