Learning to identify

We must allow ourselves to identify and make peace with ourselves, our past and with our present lives.

By learning to identify with our experiences, deal with and come to terms with parts of those experiences that come from our past, we will begin to open our minds to life in its present form and all of its future possibilities.

We identify and learn more through understanding past and present issues and then how best we can make the necessary changes. It is important we learn to understand what it is that’s bothering us. Not to, will interfere with our physical and emotional health.

As I continue to write for the site, each blog identifies the key areas of my life that I feel I need to write about. Although our lives will exist without us always having to identify our issues, depending on the issues, those issues may resurface.

If we have issues we’re holding on to that we don’t deal with, we run the risk of inviting illness in. It is important we identify and talk about our issues.

23 Oct, 2017

2 thoughts on “Learning to identify

  1. It always amazes me when I check in and the subject of the day is what I need to be working on! Nine times out of ten, I usually don’t really know what’s bothering me; since I spent most of my life not even considering it, since that was the way I was raised.

    I should actually say brainwashed, considering how I was treated by my parents. We were always supposed to be more concerned about what was bothering them. I quickly learned that the only way I would get any peace, was if I just went along with their wishes; which sadly I have been still doing all along.

    It’s far easier for me to take care of other people’s needs, which would explain why I have stayed in a toxic relationship for so long, rather than fight to have my own.

    Of course, now it comes down to how do I go about breaking this behavior pattern; seeing as it has caused me so much grief and misery? The first step obviously has to be to deal with this relationship one way or the other.

    I don’t particularly enjoy what this process means, but considering the alternative that would be far worse. The biggest problem is that being treated the way I have been, is actually the norm for me, which people don’t understand, especially myself.

    People always ask me why I stay in these kind of relationships, but that says it all. ‘You live what you know.’ I have a chance to be in a relationship with someone else, who would actually treat me decently; but her life is like an episode of Jerry Springer, so chances are I shouldn’t get into that either.

    Looks like I may have to remain a confirmed bachelor, considering my track history and focus on my own life for a change.

    1. Awww thanks Randy. My blogs help me understand more of what I need to think about. I am pleased my blogs also help you too.

      Having got to know you, I believe you know and can identify with your life Randy. You do that beautifully; the hard part is changing what we know to what we need to do to move on with our lives.

      It took me a while to move on emotionally myself, particularly growing up in what I would describe as a dysfunctional environment.

      It’s hard to break away, particularly if others keep pulling us back in, but when push comes to shove, when we get to breaking point that’s when we begin to change.

      First we must learn to identify our issues (the things that we need to change) and luckily you have no problem with that.

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