Learning to navigate life

What you have or see in your life, is someone else wishing was their life and perhaps that’s the point. What we have we don’t care for and what we don’t have, we want.

We stop caring because we don’t care about ourselves. When we stop caring, we mustn’t force it, but must ask ourselves and try to understand why. Perhaps that’s where we’re going wrong. We ignore the very things that will help us change how we see ourselves and others.

It’s important we look at our lives in its entirety. If we don’t love our life then we must ask ourselves why? If we’re lonely, we must ask ourselves why? We must ask the questions that will give us the answers, but unless we have understanding behind the things we don’t care about, we will never find solutions. Our inabilities to function, are often bundled through emotional reasons and it’s our job to find out why.

I believe that the solution is to fix the initial problem, which is often a broken spirit. As my life has shown with work on ourselves, we can begin to emotionally fix ourselves so that we become whole and motivated again. When we fix ourselves, our emotions will fix. But first we must learn to change our perceptions and our approach.

So that we become happy where we weren’t and take control where we once didn’t have control, choose to spend time with people who elevate you, rather than choose to bring you down and instead deal with the issues that weigh you down.

15 Apr, 2018

2 thoughts on “Learning to navigate life

  1. No one ever really showed me how to properly navigate my life, other than having a basic concept of the difference between right and wrong.

    This is the dilemma I face now at 49, as to how I want to live my own life and enjoy it, rather than feel like I’m just suffering through life and death would be a welcome relief at the end.

    My parents never seemed to enjoy much of anything outside of sex, so it’s no wonder my siblings and I never really enjoyed living.

    It is actually very difficult to imagine, let alone comprehend, what living my own life would be like; since it isn’t something I haven’t ever really done before.

    I know there is a lot more to life than just surviving and/or existing, which I would like to be able to enjoy while I’m still able to.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, I didn’t get much further than you in terms of navigating my life. My life was mapped out from the minute I was born.

      It would have been great for us both to have had the opportunity and the help to be able to know how to play things and move forward, but it’s more rewarding us being able to do it ourselves.

      I tend to use my intuition to navigate my life and that works for me. But it’s important for us to have people in our lives who don’t control us.

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