Lessons in diversity

Besides making the world a beautiful and interesting place, an important lesson is working with and accepting our diversity, because we’re all different. We must learn to be accepting of others, in the same way we dare to be different, because we are different. Our differences must be embraced.

We must appreciate and accept we live in a diverse world. The world needs diversity for it to survive. We must accept our world is uniquely diverse. To keep pace with the world’s diversity, we must promote diversity in the way we think.

We typically want everyone to be the way we see them, rather than the way we are comfortable with them being. Having a disability makes us more unique but having to mould ourselves into another person’s version of how they want to see us doesn’t work and isn’t right.

Diversity is something we struggle to come to terms with but we’re all unique and different; and being different means, we are already diverse. What difference does it make if we’re all different?  Being open, transparent and honest, should be all that matters. It’s down to our mindset and how we see each other, our lives and our world. That must change.

Handling differences effectively, understanding we’re all different and being different means, we will be diverse and that’s okay. Being okay about it, is what we need for us to integrate and to have a peaceful life.

21 Jan, 2019

4 thoughts on “Lessons in diversity

  1. I know I have wasted a lot of my life trying to fit in, rather than accepting that I am different, which isn’t such a bad thing.

    I had to learn how to survive but didn’t really have much of a chance to learn how to live, so it isn’t something I’m very good at.

    It’s obviously the reason I have stayed in a toxic and dysfunctional relationship for so long, as she takes care of a lot of things for me, even though she treats me like a retarded slave.

    I wasn’t raised in a world where there was supposed to be a lot of diversity, even though we lived with so many different people in environments where we shouldn’t have lived.

    I’m now realizing one of my biggest fears is being out on my own, since I will have to deal with the world on my own again; but this time around I won’t have to be doing it alone, since I do have a support system that I can use.

  2. Thanks Randy. Yes, a support system is good. From your response it sounds as though you have more than one person you can call on ‘in your support system.’

    As they say, being different is hard enough. Being different without the support system is near to impossible.

    But I believe that although diversity makes us different, we must embrace diversity. We must be honest, open and transparency.

    It really is down to our mindset and how we see each other, our lives and our world. That must change.

  3. The continued ignorance about diversity astounds me. We are all different yet prejudice based on difference is all around. I couldn’t agree more with you we must embrace diversity.

    I would also add we must learn lessons from history, and we must embrace diversity to survive.

    1. Sadly, lessons from history have not been learned, they now take different forms based on self-gratification.

      Governments must go back to basics. They must work together by being open, transparent, honest and impartial regardless of how diverse we all are.

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