Letting go of the past

Many of us won’t always agree that we’re holding on to the past, therefore think there’s nothing to let go of, but when you’re you’re not mentally not making any headway that is exactly what you’re doing. Many of us physically live in the present, but we emotionally live in the past.

Each experience we have reside in the past and unless you mentally move on from those experiences, it is clear you’re living in the past. Letting go of the past is important if you are to live your life and live it well. Living in the past has everything to do with not being able to get past or let go of painful experiences.

It’s not that we want to be reminded of our experiences and we would rather not be, but unless we deal with or come to understand our experiences and other people’s part in our experiences, we will never let those go and will always be stuck in the past.

When we’ve dealt with our past experiences, we won’t mind stepping into our present lives. Letting go of the past is our stepping stone into that life. Us, being able to link emotion to information is another way to let go. Once we understand why that emotion was for us, we’re more likely to want to let go.

We hold on because we don’t know how to let go, but with understanding we can let go. Understanding helps release us mentally from the experience.

9 Mar, 2020

4 thoughts on “Letting go of the past

  1. Letting go hasn’t been something I have been very good at, because I haven’t a lot to hang on to.

    We were raised like gypsies moving around a lot, so we were forced to let go of a lot of physical things, having also to let go of emotional connections that children depend on.

    There were so many things that never made sense which is why I had days like yesterday, where I slept all day. I’m still trying to process the past and I get overwhelmed.

    The hardest part is other people taking it personally, when it has nothing to do with them and they can’t comprehend how horrible it was. They really don’t get it.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, as the saying goes, ‘unless someone walks a mile in your shoes’ they will never know your life or your experiences.

      And that’s okay, but it’s not okay for those others to judge. The reality is that people do judge and think they know.

      But it’s more important you know and try to work on the feelings and emotions you have so that you can get past and let go of your past.

      I understand you. Although it’s not easy, and is something we would rather not do, it is necessary if we are going to have a life.

  2. I am not the best at letting go of the past even though I understand the importance of learning from the past and moving on.

    My experiences were very damaging and have had a lasting effect on my and my family. I often read about forgiving and letting go, but forgiving is not now or ever likely to be on my agenda.

    I know I must find a place for how we were treated and the reasons why, but I feel I have lost so much irreplaceable time, it’s very difficult.

    1. I also found it difficult to let go of my experiences, of my past, of what I was made to go through, so I understand how you feel.

      But not letting go of your experiences, gives and fuels them further, because they know they can treat you badly. It allows them to have control, to know that what they have done has hurt and affected you badly.

      If some one does something and it’s done wittingly, in other words they knew what they were doing and they don’t care, there is no real reason to forgive.

      If on other hand if they had their time again and they would change the outcome, there is every reason to forgive and let go of the past.

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