Letting people down

It’s not in our nature to want to let anyone down, but our circumstances have to fit for us to achieve our goal without putting ourselves at emotional or physical risk.

We must understand our limitations and ask ourselves whether what we’re trying to achieve is something we may achieve. It’s not that given time we won’t achieve our goal if that’s what we’re working towards, but where we know others are relying on us, but who are still being supportive, we still pile the pressure.

We want others to think we’re capable that we can repay the trust they have in us, by getting the job done. On a personal level it’s easier because the pressure isn’t there, but when it comes to our work, we take things personally as if we’re the incapable ones, but that’s not true. 

Wind forward and you’re looking at a different you. With more experience and a new-found confidence through the process, you’ll get the job done. And perhaps that’s the point. Age and vantage point will always bring us through. We need time to work through the process.

And where others put their trust in us, we will come through even stronger. But as others come to expect us to work through the process, they must give us time. It’s a process that always needs time. They need to be supportive.


24 Oct, 2018

4 thoughts on “Letting people down

  1. Letting people down is what has caused most of the stress in my life thanks to my mother who expected me to make her happy when that was an impossible task.

    Obviously this created serious issues for me mainly because I became a people pleaser for the same type of people which is an exercise in futility.

    It was enough to drive me insane, but people like this don’t really give a damn and will throw you away like a piece of trash when you don’t have what they want anymore.

    It took me the longest time to realize it and now at my age I have to figure out how to break those chains that bind, in order to finally live my own life.

    I am beyond exhausted in every sense imaginable, but I know it has to be done or else I will just give up, which isn’t what I really want to do.

    1. Randy you didn’t let yourself down, your mum let you down. It’s always difficult for a child to comprehend or understand a parent, or why that would be, but it’s nothing you did.

      It can take years to make the connections and often when we do it’s too late to salvage the relationship.

      Hopefully now you will work out how to break the chains that bind you to your mum. You’ll certainly lighten the load emotionally once you’ve done it.

  2. I spent too much time trying not to let one person down, when all I did was to let myself down.

    With hindsight I now know that it would have been very difficult for me to change things, but it doesn’t stop we wishing that I had tried harder.

    1. From your response it doesn’t sound as though you could have changed anything.

      I think the blame solely has to be with the person you struggled to make an impact with. I’m all for taking responsibility, but not where others make it difficult for us.

      Too many years have passed where I carried guilt. I have learned the hard way but not anymore. I won’t allow it. It’s important you understand when to let go because it’s not your fight.

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