Lifting Restrictions, Covid-19

Restrictions lifted in the UK, doesn’t mean Covid-19 is done. It is because the UK government have lifted restrictions that we need to keep those in place.

It has become even more important, because we’re not safe. Freedom of movement can only work if we continue to keep ourselves safe. It is also because I am home that I couldn’t be surer. But it is not enough for me to be sure, it needs to bring a different thinking from each of us, to understand that Covid-19 needs to take precedent.

With or without the Covid-19 vaccine you are still at risk of catching Covid-19. The vaccine, which was hailed the panacea vaccine, the vaccine that was set to give us our life back, isn’t allowing us to go that far. Whether you are vaccinated or not, you still can’t get back into your life, because you can still catch Covid-19.

When the government first talked about the vaccine at the beginning of roll-out, we were assured safe passage. It turns out, it’s not like that at all.

23 Sep, 2021

2 thoughts on “Lifting Restrictions, Covid-19

  1. It is clear that very little was known about Covid-19 at the start of the pandemic and mistakes were made from day one. Perhaps the biggest mistake was failing to plan properly for a pandemic like this in the first place.

    What is equally clear is the virus is here to stay and like you, I believe that wearing masks in public and enclosed spaces should be mandatory.

    As we go into Winter here in the UK, it is anticipated that cases will rise, but the government would rather wait and see, than act now; no doubt so as to not upset the conservative hardliners, who have already made it clear they will not support further restrictions.

    I hope the electorate will show their disgust at this government’s handling of the pandemic at the next election, but I fear not.

    1. Thanks. Yes, what you have written in your response are the facts. No one can argue with those, we can only find an acceptance and work on change.

      It’s why I write about these things on my blog. If it’s happening out there I write about it. Not because I enjoy writing about those things, but they do have the ability to interfere with my mental health, for which I already struggle.

      I hope that you sowing a seed today through your response, will change the outcome through the ballot box at the next General Election in the UK. Perhaps it’s time we all think about that.

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