Listening to ourselves

Taking advice from ourselves is often a difficult thing to do, primarily because we’re not always aware of what we want and because we often lack an understanding of our needs.

For us to make decisions, we need our own understanding on what we deal with, so that we can make decisions comfortably. We have to live with and be happy with our decisions, which is why many of us take advice from other people instead.

Unfortunately, when we take advice from other people we give control to the people we’re taking advice from. We’ll take their advice, then wish we hadn’t when our circumstances don’t work out.

If we are to live our own lives the way we want to live our lives, we must learn to take and use our own advice. Advice must always start with us.

18 Jun, 2014

4 thoughts on “Listening to ourselves

  1. I tend to listen to myself. I set my mind on what I want to do and usually do it.

    It is risky when you take advice from others as you point out most of the time. Sometimes it doesn’t work out like we wanted it to if the advice is from others. I’m cautious when I’m also giving advice.

    I question my advice so I’m scared to give it. What if I’m wrong and something happens that isn’t right? I don’t think we should give advice unless we are one hundred percent sure it is correct. I’ve had so many people (especially family) that will ask my advice on medical issues just because I’m a nurse.

    If I’m not positive of the advice I tell them they need to ask their doctor. Of course the field I’m going into is going to require me to advise people so I have to learn to trust myself more and get it right.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes it’s always wise if we stick with our own thoughts and advice, unless of course we’re absolutely sure on the advice that is coming from others.

      Providing any service to the public requires us to give advice. I’m sure you’ll be fine Lisa. Imparting advice to others is a confidence thing. I’m sure you’ll be fine with more practice and experience.

  2. I totally agree. Although I have solicited advice on many occasions, I’ve never been one to allow people to make decisions for me.

    I don’t think I’d be where I am today if I took advice offered to me over the years; besides, no one knows me better than I do.

    1. Thanks Tim. I agree with your last paragraph, which says it all.

      Perhaps for many of us that’s part of the problem. Without taking or using own advice and relying more on others, those others would begin to know us better than we would know ourselves and that’s really not the idea.

      We ultimately achieve more for ourselves when we take our own advice. I agree.

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