Living a lie

When we live our lives knowing something and deny it to someone, even though we know it will affect that person’s life, we consciously make that choice. For those on the receiving end and who spend years wondering, you may eventually begin to read between the lines looking for answers.

When it comes to any lie, it requires a lot more effort to continue the facade, than it does to tell the truth. When we tell the truth, we remember what happens in the way it happens. Lying means we have to consider what we’re trying to hide so that we make what we’re saying sound credible whilst we’re having to cover our tracks.

It also means we have to remember our version of the lie, so we don’t get caught out further down the line. But lying will always have its consequences, more so when we want people to believe us and they still think we’re lying. To lie is to continue to ignore the consequences.

Lying doesn’t come without its drawbacks, particularly on our health and will always take its toll, because of the stress it creates. Although lying does contribute to increased stress levels, the harm it does isn’t always self-evident, primarily because stress is part of everyday life.

But harm will always exist through numerous health issues we may have to deal with centred around our lies. Lies also get bigger the more we continue to lie. That’s just the way lies work.

4 Oct, 2018

4 thoughts on “Living a lie

  1. My whole life has been pretty much living a lie and the past 12 years have really proved it.

    I have been living with someone who I tried to believe I was in love with, but it turns out it was more of a marriage of convenience mostly in her favor.

    It makes a lot of sense seeing as my mother brainwashed me into feeling the same way about her, so I have some very serious mom issues that I have to address.

    For everyone else, it doesn’t make any logical sense, but in my mind it is all too clear as to why I would tolerate being treated the way I have been.

    My parents always lived the lie that everything was great in our home, when it was such a nightmare behind closed doors. It’s no wonder I have continued to live such a lie.

    The reality is that I’m more afraid of living in the truth since it isn’t something I have a whole lot of experience with. People expect you to just get over it, when it isn’t that simple to change your whole way of life overnight.

    I haven’t exactly lived a very positive life, so it’s harder to switch from the negative side of life. It would help if I was living on my own, considering the negative influences I have been living with for so long, which is probably why I’m dealing with things like high blood pressure now.

    I’m just torn between what I want to do, which is not let her win by keeping the apartment, since it’s in my name, and what I need to do, which is get the hell out and reduce my stress levels.

    It’s just a shame that so many people will choose to live these kinds of lies to the bitter end, like my parents did.

    1. Thanks Randy. I love how you talk about your life, you know where you want and must make the changes, now with a little bit of dutch courage, you can make those changes.

      I know that part isn’t easy, but the flip side is to continue to live a life you don’t want to live. I know what I would much rather have.

      The problem with apprehension or fear is that we’re never really in a position where we’re no longer afraid.

      Fear is part of the human condition. Coming out of any relationship brings with it an element of fear and apprehension.

      We must rise above them and work through the fear we feel.

  2. Living a lie is just fooling ourselves. Once told it then requires further deceit to perpetuate.

    The truth will come out eventually and usually with consequences that we would rather not experience courtesy of karma.

    Your own experiences have shown that.

    1. Yes, telling lies in today’s society seems to have become the norm, so much so we don’t seem to question it.

      We also seem to be less accountable, and are happy for others to deal with the consequences.

      Even through my experiences, I still believe that karma happens this side of life, but even if those responsible aren’t in attendance to receive it.

      Once we pass, spirit will still expect us to work through our deeds and will expect accountability.

      It’s not to say that what we do this side of life, won’t go unnoticed or challenged once we’re gone, as ‘my story’ has shown.

      Those initially responsible will be shown through what we go on to do, exactly what they didn’t do.

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