Living a mindful life

We are responsible for ourselves. We are connected to each other, connected to everything in nature, and to everything in the Universe. Therefore, living a mindful life is important. This is ‘The Law of One, Truth that All is One.’

What we do to others, we do to ourselves. Therefore, we must be mindful of what we do. We must continue to promote self-responsibility and accountability for ourselves, protect others, and the universe for us to survive.

Being mindful means taking it upon ourselves to internalise and understand how the universal truths work. When we work to universal truths, our lives and our planet will always work out for the better.

The irony is that we are connected to everything we want. We will experience perfect health, abundance and happiness, when we master our thoughts through universal truths, directing ourselves to the lives we want to live.

The idea is that we work from a universal standpoint and continue to put out good, for the greater good. For us and the world to survive, it is important we all live a mindful life.


28 Feb, 2020

2 thoughts on “Living a mindful life

  1. It’s just too bad that I was brainwashed as a child into only being mindful of other people’s needs and made to feel extremely guilty for even considering thinking on my own.

    Only recently have I been mindful of my life and it has opened up new worlds of possibilities that I hadn’t ever dreamed of, which has been a whole new experience for me.

    It’s pretty amazing that when I focus on taking care of myself, it frees up so much time to focus helping others, who need my help, rather than those who want it, or expect it.

    I’m hope I can accomplish something in what’s left of my life, to make this world a better place.

    1. Thanks Randy. You’re absolutely fine. Yes, they say what we have is time.

      Time to think about ourselves, think about our mindful lives, think about what we can do and how we can make a difference, not only to ourselves and our family, but others also.

      I think you can accomplish what you set out to accomplish Randy. Positive thinking opens our mind up to the possibilities of being able to live a mindful life.

      Even more so when our circumstances change and we have to control and to decide how we want our lives to go and to make a difference.

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