Living the simple life

I’ve always bought into the simple life. I innately believe that living with simplicity gives us peace, over and above any materialistic wealth.

Living simply, means we can focus in the moment, with what we have rather than what we’d like. We must learn to focus on our understanding of what simplicity means so that we can add that to our life, not in terms of what we give up.

Simplicity is about beauty: seeing beauty in the simplest of things. The simple things are the least complicated. Without simplicity we won’t have a life, well not in the true sense. Instead what we will have is an existence.

Simplicity needs nurturing and if we continue to nurture we can have peace. Peace gives us a feeling of wholeness, achieved by us taking out the clutter, emotionally and physically and by being simple at heart. It’s not difficult to develop these qualities.

We’re human, we evolve, but we must have the inner desire to change, to bring simplicity into our lives. We must want to acquire and to live the simple life with simple thoughts. With simple thoughts we’re humbled and grounded.

The more simple our lives, the more understanding we have of our roots and of our experiences, the less likely we’re going to run from them. We’re also more likely to think about life in its simplicity without things having to be so complicated, after all it’s not our life that’s complicated, it’s us who makes it complicated.

18 Sep, 2018

4 thoughts on “Living the simple life

  1. I have been fighting for a long time to keep my life as simple as possible, but that’s hard when you live with someone who seems to enjoy and thrive on chaos, which gets so very exhausting.

    I’m sure that many other people would consider my idea of life very boring, but for me that’s fine, seeing as most of my life has been a nightmare of dysfunction and insanity.

    It may mean I will have to live as a confirmed bachelor for the rest of my life to have the peace and quiet that I need, but at this point it doesn’t seem much of a sacrifice, considering the alternative.

    I am pretty easy to please, but I just can’t seem to find someone I can live with who wants the peaceful life like me.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, you know what you need and what will give you the most peace. The alternative is what you have now, which gives you no peace at all.

      I believe we need to make the sacrifices if we are to move on emotionally. Emotional separation isn’t always a bad thing if the alternative keeps you stuck.

      If you can find a way through your circumstances without a physical separation, you could put yourself in a better emotional space by working through some of the issues you have together.

      I know in my own experience, emotionally it was important to distance myself. There were days when I achieved that, other days through no fault of my own, but through others’ control, I got sucked back in.

      My advice would be to never stop trying.

  2. It would be nice to live a more simple life without 24 hours instant communication and gratification. I often wonder how long we would survive without the Internet and I suspect for some of us, the answer is not very long at all.

    I know it’s easy to be nostalgic through rose tinted spectacles, but I am convinced society was more personal and our lives were more fulfilled and had more meaning 50 years ago.

    It wasn’t perfect, but today’s is so much worse.

    1. Statistically they have proved this to be the case. Kicking a ball was considered fun. Although 50 years ago, had hardships, having less and needing less in our lives made our lives more simple.

      I also think attitudes have changed and respect differs now to when it did all those years ago. I truly believe that respect is the backbone and foundations to a more peaceful existence.

      We appreciated the help more, and even where parents didn’t get the parenting thing right and ‘my story’ shows that; we still had respect.

      I think the biggest issue is instant gratification. We’re not happy when we don’t have it, or it goes unnoticed.

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