Living your dreams

We all think about living the dream, but realistically how many of us actually get to live our dreams? Since our dreams are a discussion with the universe, our intentions must be both honourable and selfless.

The less honourable and selfless we are, the more we will struggle to achieve our dreams, the less we will achieve or live our dreams. Everything we do must be done in good faith and with the best of intentions.

As we journey through life, our good intentions need to continue if dreams are to work out. Dreams don’t just fall into our lap, dreams are something we must continually work at, born from a desire to change aspects of our lives.

We must start by building our life, live according to our values, making sure our values concur with the universe. Nurture the relationship you have with yourself and if you’re struggling with that take a step back and get to know yourself.

Nurture the relationships that matter to you, so you have a concrete network of support should you need it. We must be living in the moment for our dreams to take shape. Fleeting into the past, dreaming of your future, but not living in the present, will make us achieving our dreams difficult.

Pinpoint your strengths, so that you set goals for yourself. Remember to come out of your comfort zone and continue to keep your goals in perspective. Remember nothing will transpire, when you’re less than grateful for what you’ve got.

As a child, I was already made aware of my realities, but I did live with hope and never gave up on that. I unconsciously held on to hope. Becoming a writer, and published author wasn’t on the radar until I came face to face with my disability for the first time and the implications of living with a disability, I didn’t know I had.

The way you live must concur with the universe. When your selfless thoughts align with the universe, the universe will always help you out. Fill all the above criteria and make sure your dreams are something you’ve thought about and always wanted to strive for.

3 Jul, 2020

2 thoughts on “Living your dreams

  1. This is a breathtaking blog about fulfilling our spiritual responsibilities, which makes us deserving enough to live our dreams.

    So once we have a connection to the universe, gravity will steer us towards our dreams, I really believe that.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re absolutely spot on with your response. It is exactly what happened to me.

      We all have ‘spiritual responsibilities’ – yes, the more we steer away from those, the more we will struggle to achieve our dreams.

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