Look for the beauty

If we fail to see the beauty in things, we can never achieve inner beauty. It’s very easy when we’re busy not to see the world in all its perfection.

We spend too much time living in our heads and not enough time soaking in the atmosphere of nature and the world around us. We fail to look at and connect with the little things, the things that contribute positively to our lives and allow us to see the bigger picture.

Perhaps we should begin to resonate with our consciousness first and take the time to look for and see the beauty in everything. Unfortunately, we also spend very little time picking out the things that may attract us. When we choose to look insightfully and carefully at an object, a landscape, a structure, there will always be beauty we can appreciate.

Why doesn’t it work?

Sadly, when we go on to form expectations, or live with preconceived ideas, we’ve already restricted our thoughts. When we subconsciously form opinions, we reduce our ability to process what we need to process. We’ve already reduced what we see to very little.

There is so much to see and yet we ignore the things that can make us more settled and complete. The next time you’re out, perhaps think about and look at what’s around you, connect with your world. If you’re going out for a walk notice the flowers, the colours, the contours, the smells and the sounds.

If you’re near some woods take a look at the trees, look at the intricate detail of how the leaves are formed, and their different colours: things you wouldn’t necessarily think to look at. The more we practise and make this part of our daily routine, the more we’ll notice without having to think.

And by seeing what is beautiful we will have a sense of pride, peace and gratitude, not to mention the other things such as empathy, compassion and tolerance. Those are the things we will miss out on if we don’t tap into our consciousness.

It’s all about becoming aware, embracing the simple things, noticing and seeing the beauty in those things.

10 Aug, 2016

4 thoughts on “Look for the beauty

  1. Yes, I think they call that something like ‘take the time to smell the roses.’ I have actually been trying to do that especially with a very large bush in front of our house that has seemed to beautifully bloom this year.

    I may have missed it over the years, but I don’t remember it exploding with flowers the way it did this year and what a great smell! It’s pretty amazing when you look out and even see hummingbirds, which are so hard to see most of the time.

    It’s funny and also kind of sad, since I live in a state where people pay tons of money just to come here to see the scenery and I tend to take it for granted.

    Even with my agoraphobia, the reality is that I don’t have to go very far to see a lot of beautiful things. Now if I can just remember that it’s okay to go out to enjoy the sights that would be great!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, perhaps you’ve never seen the flowers bloom as they’re blooming now because you weren’t in that place and weren’t ready to see the flowers bloom. Unless we’re ready to see, look and embrace the flowers, we generally don’t see what’s literally staring us in the face.

      It’s taken me a lot of years to quantify my life in that way. When we become happier in ourselves, we learn to live our lives with needing very little. Emotionally, we learn to adapt into a life that is a lot more simple, less complicated.

      We get to see the beauty in everyone and everything even if those don’t see the beauty in themselves. Unfortunately though, this can create conflict, when we’re not amongst like minded individuals who don’t think and see the same as you.

  2. It is true, perhaps uniquely true, that the line between human beings and nature is lost in modern civilization. We thought when technology improved we would get better, but that’s obviously not the case.

    Perhaps our society should move with great haste for the greater good to re-define beauty and purpose, our children’s lives depend on it.

    1. Thanks Tim. Your last paragraph defines your response beautifully. Yes, never having grown up around technology, I never formed an opinion on how our children’s lives would go with all the technology they have today; but I very much see your point and agree with you.

      Although technology has changed our children’s thinking, I do think children were already changed. I think the world you and I grew up in, isn’t the world today’s children are growing up in. Our parents and grandparents’ values were so different.

      Now, we often have to fight to find a place in our children’s lives. With so many outside influences going on, they have more than their fair share of outside influences to deal with and that changes the way they see the world and other people.

      I still believe though as long as our disciplines include beauty and purpose, our children will always go back to it.

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