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Throughout our lives, we may emotionally struggle. We’ve probably been insecure at one point, had low self-esteem, lacked a little confidence, but we should still want to put things right for others: the world needs more of it.

When how we feel and cope begins to interfere with how we behave, then we must look to change how we deal with things. We should want to care. Life shouldn’t be about digging our heels, putting others in their place, or pointing out a wrong because we can.

We should instead think about how we can bring understanding and how we can make things better; how we can emotionally heal and change our relationships. We should take self-righteous out of the equation, everything out that will at least stop us from seeing other people’s version of the same conversation.

We need to be understanding, we must become more compassionate, empathetic and tolerant. We must learn to be more caring, become better individuals and better people. We must look to change.

25 Apr, 2017

8 thoughts on “Look to change

  1. Sad though, how we are clueless as to what we’re supposed to learn in this life; something has to change.

    Even I need to find a way to love better, right here and now.

    1. Thanks Tim. I’m not sure I’d be so quick to point the finger at yourself. Reading your responses and me responding back on your responses to my blogs, I am not sure there would be much more for you to change.

      As a child always getting into trouble for my behaviour, I used to think that I was the one who had the problem, that I needed to change. That was reinforced by others telling me that I was to blame. That it was me with the problem. But it was only when I began to look at myself and came to realise it wasn’t me that needed to change. That those significant others needed to change.

      The point I’m making is that what you see in yourself and what I see in you is the same thing. The way you describe life and yourself and things is the same way I see you. Unfortunately, that may not be enough and may not always fit in with another person’s version of you, which will always make you question, “is there something wrong with me? It must be me.”

      Others’ making things difficult can make us question ourselves, but if people were to see us in the same way we see ourselves and know ourselves, we would see ourselves in a more favourable way and would know it’s not us.

      My anger was a symptom of the bigger cause, which was never addressed. That’s the point. For those who do need to change, they will need to recognise that need for themselves.

  2. Yes, I believe this is for sure a large issue with the world. Everyday I hear and see such greedy money making, failing and caring to understand people.

    I wish the whole world would grasp this, practice it, until it becomes its own culture. The only thing we as individuals can do, is spread the positive, show the care, go the extra mile to help and teach others’ to understand and help.

    Especially those that have a hard time seeing passed their noses and reality of the world and its situations.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes, people tend to only think about themselves, whereas we’re all a cog in the bigger picture and the bigger picture can’t work, unless we all pull in the same direction.

      Unfortunately, being selfish will always mean we’re pulling in the wrong direction, which means we will always fail. People need to believe in community and selflessness, before its too late. You’re absolutely right.

      1. Thank you Ilana. Thank God and thank the universe we have each other to pull together and show the rest of the world the truth and what’s best for humanity and our souls.

  3. The world seems to have forgotten how to care, or did it ever care? In the ever darkening times in which we’re alive, humanity might just have bought a one way ticket.

    Perhaps things might change if world leaders read your blogs.

    1. I wish! Yes, it seems we’re heading that way with the way politics is going.

      We must all work together for the greater good, not for individual gain, which is what is happening.

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