Looking at the positives

Some of us will see the negatives before we see the positives, others will simply see life negatively and continue to see life negatively.

But it is often difficult for us to see or understand why our lives map out in a certain way, or the purpose of our experiences. Whatever happens, there is no point in looking back and wishing our lives were different, because that won’t change anything, unless we look for the lessons.

For those who struggle to find the lessons or understand the reasons, they must look at what they have achieved through their accomplishments and continue to build their life around those.

29 Mar, 2019

2 thoughts on “Looking at the positives

  1. There is a definite tendency for people to look on the positive or negative side of a situation.

    When I am not in the mood to think positively about something that has been done or said, I try to look at what has worked for me previously and what hasn’t worked, and remember it the next time.

    Understanding that we couldn’t have changed some things as they are ‘meant to be’ is a comfort.

    1. Thanks. It’s good that you can. Not knowing about a disability, brain damage, or a neurological disorder and only just finding out about the latter, is a big fat negative, not something you would or could ever contemplate or understand.

      Because my life has moved on positively, it feels easier to know I couldn’t change things and that does bring about comfort. I tried and have changed what I could, and believe it depends how big the issue is and how long it went on for.

      Although my mum was instrumental in saying something that made me think about my life, I know that if it wasn’t for me being proactive, I wouldn’t be at this place. That’s the bit I am trying to reconcile.

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