Making decisions

Making decisions may seem easy but without the confidence or ground work, it’s not always easy. A lack of confidence is the biggest reason we fail to make decisions.

Some decisions that are routine we make without giving much thought, but decisions that are more difficult or challenging will demand more thinking and consideration from us. Where life is uncertain, making decisions can lead to uncertainties too.

Making any decision can be fraught with difficulties. Without all the facts to hand, you may find it difficult to make a decision; you may not understand what is being asked of you. There may also be many interrelated factors to consider that you haven’t thought about or considered. Then there’s the impact of the decision you need to consider.

Also, how will making your decision change your routine or circumstances? Have you thought about an alternative, or explored other possibilities? Not everyone will accept the decisions you make, or will feel comfortable with our decisions.

They may not react well, perhaps it’s because they don’t understand your reasoning behind your decision, or they don’t agree, but your judgment call is for you to make, even if it’s wrong for them.

How to make a decision?

  • Firstly, identify the decision you may want to make;
  • Gather all the relevant information;
  • Identify and start to evaluate the alternatives, if you have any;
  • Think about the alternatives and listen to your gut;
  • Carry out your decision.

When it comes to making any decisions, it is important you bring your problem-solving and decision-making skills into it. It’s also important to think about your gut. If your gut is telling you something, it’s usually right.

18 Dec, 2019

2 thoughts on “Making decisions

  1. I was the only one making decisions for me as a child, so to me this was the norm and I found it easy. I have been fortunate this has followed me throughout most my adult life.

    Your suggestions seem sensible for others who don’t find making decisions, particularly important ones, so easy.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I think they are also.

      Unlike you, as a child I never had to make a decision, but having always gone with my gut, making decisions came easy to me when it was time for me to start making decisions.

      I also think it depends on our attitude and personality. As you have found out, the more independent you are, the easier your decision making will be.

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