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Just a thought: It takes more time for us to come back from illness, than it does for us to work on staying healthy. When we choose to make time for our health, our health will make time for us. It’s not a question of having the time, it’s a question of making time. It’s funny how it’s something we constantly ignore and yet we make time for illness when we need to.

17 Nov, 2015

6 thoughts on “Making time

  1. Most people don’t take the time to take care of themselves because they have a fast paced life. As a result, they end with a lot of stress, which is not good for one’s health.

    I have difficulty in keeping stress under control. I tend not to eat right when I am feeling too stressed, mostly I lose my appetite.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree with you. I’m not sure why it happens, but when we’re stressed our appetite is the first thing to go. There must be a chemical in the brain that suppresses the appetite when we’re stressed.

      I tend to deal with issues when they arise, so I don’t have to deal with stress. Given the fact that I already struggle with my health due to being premature and having Cerebral Palsy, I make every effort to stay and keep my health in top shape.

      I’m pleased you don’t struggle with your health in the same way.

  2. Yes, so many people don’t pay attention to their health until they lose it! By the time you’re dealing with an illness, it takes longer to bounce back because you weren’t healthy to begin with.

    Luckily I have been phyically healthy for the most part, it has been my mental health that I’ve had a lot of issues with. I know if I do end up getting ill, it does affect my whole well being, so I need to work more on trying to stay physically healthy.

    I have been trying to cut down on the late night snacking to lose some weight, which would be very helpful. I would like to be around for a very long time from now!

    1. Thanks Randy. Your first sentence is absolutely true. That’s the way it tends to go, but we have a choice and we can change it. We just have to work harder at it.

      We take for granted that we have our health, then run for our life trying to deal with illness, when we don’t.

  3. Most folk only start looking after themselves when they are ill, but I agree it is so much more sensible and better for our health if we try and avoid illness in the first place.

    I can resonate with Randy’s comments about late night snacking. As students, a friend and I used to visit the local takeaway 10 minutes before closing at 11.50pm and the owner would pretty much give us all the leftover food cheap. We did this maybe 2-3 times a week all summer and it’s really easy to get into the habit.

    Now I try to finish eating at meal times and not eat anything in the evening. It’s surprising how much better I sleep!

    1. I’m not sure what Randy’s late night snacks consist of, but would you class your scraps of takeaway food as a snack or another meal? I agree we should be thinking more about our health more, working on that so we avoid illness.

      Self-awareness, learning how to manage and take away stress is where we should make a start.

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