Malicious undertones

With any form of undertone comes an undercurrent of feelings, bubbling under the surface and that can bring with it malicious intent.

And through that malicious intent, through hurting and struggling with something will emotionally lash out at the ones we love, spend the most time with. The nature of an undercurrent will always continue to bubble under the surface, where sadly anything and everything can set it off.

Sadly, an undercurrent is like a time bomb waiting to go off. It usually happens when we’re not coping with life, with our circumstances, with our experiences, in the present moment, but it mostly happens at the drop of a hat when someone presses our buttons.

That where we were never like that, we become like that until such a time we work on ourselves, change how we feel about ourselves, our past and our experiences. It is our past experiences that slowly lead us to those malicious undertones.

2 Jun, 2017

2 thoughts on “Malicious undertones

  1. Again, we come back to human predators, a foregone conclusion to what their motives are.

    Their undertones, you can smell it; I will not entertain people like that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Sadly, yes. I feel the same way, but sometimes depending on our circumstances, those people are difficult to avoid.

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