Masks Save Lives

I should have put out a feature page today, but this was an important but difficult blog that I felt I needed to write.

Like others I am sure, I am beginning to question if our lives will ever be the same again. It’s a scary thought, I hope enough to kick start us into thinking about Covid-19 and why we need to make a positive difference.

In the UK, for those of us who are high risk for Covid-19, we never thought we’d be subjected to having to stay in our homes full time, because decisions have been taken by the government to disband with the very things that will allow us to go out into public places, even though they know cases are rising, and the UK has the highest rate of infection in Europe.

Social distancing and wearing masks is important and should be implemented by everyone, if the world is to reduce Covid-19. Vaccines are helping, but people being vaccinated twice are still picking up Covid-19. Masks physically stop the spread of infection.

Now Chris Whitty, the UK PM’s Chief Medical Adviser has waded in to set out the three scenarios in which he says he will wear a mask, once the rules are lifted on the 19th July.

  • In crowded indoor spaces if required to by a competent authority;
  • When doing so will make others feel more comfortable, as a common courtesy gesture;
  • Particularly when the pandemic is significant and rising. (Source:

Chris Whitty has said: ‘wearing masks in any situation where there was crowding indoors, or indoors with too close a proximity to other people means you’re protecting other people.’

The UK Government should follow the Scottish Government ruling, advising people the need to mask up in public places. It is right that businesses, airlines and grocery stores are all coming forward to reaffirm that masks need to be used, for anyone using their services.

I hope on behalf of the UK government common sense prevails before the 19th July and it implements what Scotland is in the process of implementing. It is important we mask up so that we keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

7 Jul, 2021

2 thoughts on “Masks Save Lives

  1. There is a simple but irrefutable link between the transmission of the virus and wearing masks and as you say even the UK government’s advisors acknowledge the need to wear masks.

    I will continue to wear mine everywhere.

    1. Thanks for your acknowledgement of the irrefutable link. Yes, of course.

      I find it difficult to believe that you have UK government advisors, whose advise is not the advice of the PM and they are in favour of us continuing to wear masks.

      Masks stop the risk of transmission, therefore regardless of what the UK PM says, it is important that we continue to wear masks at this time.

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