Mental fortitude

Mental fortitude is what is needed in difficult times. It is our ability to focus on and execute solutions when faced with adverse or uncertain situations. It requires patience, exploration, creativity and execution.

When we can develop the mental fortitude necessary to stay strong when faced with adversity, we put an end to the fear of being in it. Mental fortitude when followed through creates confidence. When you add confidence with mental fortitude you create opportunities for change and success.

Define your goal and be clear what that is, but make sure you take on goals that fit well with your values and beliefs. Weigh up all the details, look for solutions and have a plan in place.

A true win in business is one that is mutually beneficial to everyone involved. With efficient procedures or the right procedures in place, we will have necessary strategies to help us attain our goals. Don’t worry about failing. Failing is necessary because it helps us understand what structures, or strategies are missing. Not all procedures are full proof or will work effectively.

Mental fortitude comes about with stability. Once you have stability it is easier to remain mentally tough. It is the stability of what we set up, that gives us something to lean or count on. But it is not only stability we must rely on. Mental fortitude means we must be honest and have integrity. We must take ownership for our mistakes; we must be accountable.

Mentally tough people are not afraid to take a look at themselves, they’re not afraid to examine where they have gone wrong, or where they can make improvements. Performing well is more about humility, than it is perfection.

Humility means you’re grounded enough not to work from the ego. It also allows you to readily accept what is, without needing to question.

10 Jun, 2020

6 thoughts on “Mental fortitude

  1. I’m sure my mental fortitude has been the only reason I’m still alive and somewhat sane. There was a part of me that I locked away as a child, because I had a rough idea of what was coming, even though I didn’t have any idea of how truly horrifying it was going to become.

    I half jokingly say that my inner child was frozen in carbonite, like what happened to Han Solo in Star Wars. It isn’t all that far from the truth.

    It was the only way to survive my childhood, but it also meant that I haven’t been in touch with my true self for a very long time. It’s not been the best way to live.

    I’m only now feeling like it’s finally safe to reconnect with my inner self.

    1. It’s safe Randy. Yes, you clearly have mental fortitude. You came through, but it’s always good to bring your inner-child with. We owe it to ourselves to reconnect with our inner self, our inner-child.

      Releasing our inner-child is the key to unlocking our many issues as an adult. I’m not sure how many see or understand that.

      We tend to work on the assumption that we’ve left our childhood however that worked out, and it’s not something we can go back to. We can.

      Having mental fortitude and a positive attitude are good wayw for us to mentally and emotionally free ourselves of our childhood issues.

  2. Honestly Ilana, I think what makes you unique is your mental fortitude. The way you impart your experiences to us is evidence of your strength and humility. Perhaps that’s why you’re not afraid to help others feel secure.

    I’m sure your readers feel whole and replenished after a good dose of your honesty and compassion; we all need that from time to time.

    1. Thanks Tim. Honestly, I know what I’ve had to work through and I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I have.

      I set up my blog initially to make me feel better. I wanted to turn something negative into something positive. Now through my words, if I can make the transition easier for others, my experiences will all have been positive.

      I can’t change my past, but I was determined to turn my life around. My blog has allowed for that and more.

  3. Mental and emotional strength when faced with adversity and the ability to get the job done in difficult circumstances, you certainly tick that box, Ilana.

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