Mentality effects change

We work on assumptions that someone else is always the problem, but since we fail to think about our own behaviour and that mentality effects change, we will fail to effect any positive change. It’s wrong and damaging to shine the torch on others when the problems lie with us.

It is the mindset that is made up of thoughts, beliefs and expectations, which is the lens through which we see and think about things. It is our life experiences that affect how we live and the decisions we make every day. And where we’re responsible for our mentality, making our lives and our relationships better, we don’t.

Ninety-five percent of our brain activity is beyond conscious awareness and is the reason we don’t think about our behaviour. Numerous cognitive neuroscientists have conducted studies that reveal only 5% of our cognitive thinking that includes our emotions, actions, decisions and behaviour is conscious. The remaining 95% is generated in a non-conscious manner.

But our experiences and childhood conditioning is the reason we follow the same unconscious patterns and experiences, think about the same things and why we will fail to make any positive changes.

When we unconsciously live our lives without consciously giving thought to our intentions, our mindset based on our previous experiences, will continue to play out. It is because we hear and repeat the same negative past stories over and over that the same negative narrative is reinforced.

Instead we must deal with our issues, and bring our thinking into the present, because only then will our changed mentality effect positive change.

23 Dec, 2018

4 thoughts on “Mentality effects change

  1. One of the many expressions from AA, ‘nothing changes if nothing changes,’ means that things will always stay the same unless we work on changing them.

    In my case, I have to try to avoid ending up going on autopilot, where I just go through the motions of making it through the day, but don’t think a whole lot about falling back into old behaviors.

    I have to focus on staying in the present and dealing with my issues today, rather than try to deal with them in the ways that I always used to, which weren’t effective.

    They may allow me to survive, but I want to do more than just exist like I have been and finally be able to enjoy living for a change.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, unless we consciously live in the moment, we’re unconsciously living our lives.

      We live our lives without thought or question. Autopilot is how we live our lives. The ‘AA’ is right, ‘nothing changes if nothing changes,’ in other words we can’t have change without change.

      We must be prepared to work on change and then change. Having a positive mentality will always effective positive change.

  2. Randy’s comment from AA is absolutely right. We have to think about our experiences and resultant conditioning and know that we can change things.

    What consumes our minds controls our lives and we deserve change and positivity.

    1. Yes, and your first paragraph is right. We must think about our experiences and how our experiences shape our personalities and behaviour.

      As I have proved through my own experiences, we can set to change our life. No one has to continue to live with neglect, abuse or negativity.

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