Messages from the Universe

The universe teaches us that no matter how difficult life gets, we must speak our truth because it’s the right thing to do. We cannot pre-empt, anticipate or know how others will behave, but that is for others to reconcile.

If someone’s behaviour is the reason why things don’t work out for us, what that person does adds to their karma not ours. By us doing what is right, even if the other person doesn’t, we absolve ourselves of any responsibility.

The universe is always aware of our circumstances, and will continue to send us messages, but we must be ready to recognise the signs so that we may receive its messages.

Although the initial circumstances may have changed, the universe will always try to create new circumstances that will help us bring about a different outcome.

Regardless of how we get to the final outcome, it is important we make ourselves stronger through the process, so that we are able to move into a better mental and emotional space. We will not only then start to make better decisions for ourselves, but for others too. We will also get to see and understand the bigger picture, we will also be able to communicate what we need from others, to help us.

The universe will continually invite us to seek out answers, to understand why our lives may turn out a certain way and what we can personally do to change how things turn out. Once we apply the laws, we will automatically take charge and will re-direct and continue to shape our lives in the way we want our lives to go.

The more we continue to apply the universal laws, the more we can intuitively and spiritually grow. When we intuitively and spiritually grow, we consciously become more aware of everything and everyone around us and that’s when we will have more control of our lives.

Our lives will then become more meaningful; we will also be more at peace with ourselves and that will reflect in our behaviour, our relationships and our lives.

9 Apr, 2018

4 thoughts on “Messages from the Universe

  1. I read every single word of this blog twice. By the time I finished, I had my hands in the air like I was having a seizure or something; happy that I just swallowed a lump of the truth.

    How did you know that I needed to read this today?

    1. I’m smiling Tim. Thank you. It’s not always easy to explain how or why I write something, just at time when it’s right for someone else.

      It’s all a question of timing, sometimes it’s something I’m dealing with, sometimes it’s out there in the universe and I’m aware that’s what I need to write about.

      But I’m so pleased my blog is exactly what you needed today. Knowing that makes me feel good.

  2. I’m not exactly sure of what those ‘universal rules’ are, but it would be nice to think that if I try to do the right thing, then there would be something out there that would help me to get it done.

    I haven’t had much of what you would call luck in life, so I have had such a hard time believing in anything out there that would have any interest in helping me out.

    I don’t exactly believe in anything helping me out right now in escaping my current situation, which has put me into some very dark places.

    I’m not sure of what kind of messages I should be looking for, or expecting from the ‘Universe’ but I am trying to keep an open mind, since my daughter needs my help and I have to be able to figure out how to accomplish this, while she lives what might as well be light years away.

    1. Thanks Randy. The ‘universal code’ as they like to call it, is a system of ethics that applies to everyone, ‘based on right and wrong and the will behind the action, rather than the action itself.’

      We are all connected to the universe in countless intricate ways, like threads woven through our very being. It is through those threads that we receive messages, but not all of us will be open, understand or be receptive to what those messages are.

      I have always had this innate thinking and believe system in place. It becomes a way of life after a while, but we have to be open to the ‘universe’ for its messages to be able to filter through and for us to act on its messages.

      And as hard as it is, we have to help ourselves first. Unless we’re born with a silver spoon in our mouths, where everything works out in the way we anticipate and we get what we want, we have to work at the life thing.

      Sometimes we will have luck, sometimes we won’t, but we mustn’t stop trying. When it comes to the ‘universe’ once we become more receptive and open to how the universe works, we will begin to understand our life more.

      Whatever our understandings, we must be instrumental.

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