Mindful thoughts on negativity

It’s always difficult to try to change our attitudes around our realities, because our realities are often so difficult to deal with. They take time to work through, particularly if we’re living around negativity.

But mindfulness helps control negativity and is one of the most important skills we can have. Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by us focusing our awareness in the present moment, whilst acknowledging and accepting our thoughts and feelings.

Being mindful allows us to pay attention to the way we respond to negative situations. It’s important because it helps us learn how to detach from negative emotional thoughts, allowing us to create distance, so that we respond and can react more positively around those situations.

What we should be aiming for is little or no reaction, and although it’s not easy in the beginning, when it happens we will create a more neutral situation for ourselves, so that we’re not homing in on negativity as much.

Being mindful has so many different positive connotations too. Being mindful helps us reduce daily stress, depression and helps improve immunity.

2 Apr, 2011

6 thoughts on “Mindful thoughts on negativity

  1. Good information.

    I agree with you. Being mindful does help with negativity. My spouse is a negative person and pessimistic. Sometimes it gets to me, but I keep thinking positive about whatever we’re discussing.

    Being positive is very important, especially with seriously ill people. I think people with cancer live longer if they have a positive attitude. I also think positive people are happier people.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I do believe like you that being positive can help with many illness including cancer, but from my own experiences of watching my mother fight Lung Cancer, I do think it depends on the severity of the cancer. She was extremely positive throughout her illness and was also very positive throughout her life.

      I do believe positivity helps us through some illnesses quicker, but it would also have to depend on the severity of the illness. It doesn’t work in all cases.

      You are right about positive people being happier people. I agree with you.

    1. I totally agree. Our realities and our thoughts play out so differently and although there are things we would do to minimise stress, sometimes brings about more stress with untold repercussions.

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