Mirroring internal thoughts

Unhappy people reflect their inward thoughts outwardly. They hold on to grudges as if their life depended on it, afraid to let go because letting go means having to face a new life. It’s how they want to live, but to get to it is too difficult.

Our internal thoughts imprison us. It’s an existence, it’s how we roll. Unconsciously, we know it’s not right, but it’s something we find difficult to change. For others on the receiving end, it’s exactly what needs to be changed.

It’s also not unique, in fact it’s not unique at all. We’ve probably all done it. Outwardly, as we continue to reflect our unconscious thoughts, we do so without question, even though we know our behaviour hurts us and others.

We need to understand that our outward behaviour is a reflection of our internal thoughts and internal thoughts and understandings can always be changed. A change in mind-set is a positive change for new opportunities and not some kind of threat. A threat is a threat, only if we see it as a threat.

People feel more secure when they understand that change is a time for new opportunities. That if we see change as something negative our external behaviour will always reflect internal negative thinking.

An appetite for change can always be developed, even if it’s not present. It’s all about mind-set and mind-set can always be changed.

9 Jul, 2016

2 thoughts on “Mirroring internal thoughts

  1. You’ve pretty much nailed human behaviour with this blog. I think we all exhibit this trait, myself included.

    I agree we can put the brakes on and assess how we are feeling and that will help how we relate to one another.

    1. Thank you! Yes it’s vital we put the brakes on our behaviour. This is very much why relationships fail and why the world is in chaos.

      I very much learned from my own experiences, particularly as a child how to challenge my feelings and how to communicate differently. It would go on to take until my adult years to change all of that.

      I think my blogs and site are testament to positive behaviour and how we can all live our lives more appropriately.

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