Moods & stress

Moods and stress affect us all and if not monitored or worked on, can spiral into us feeling low, which can move on to depression, particularly if we already have a disposition.

The funny thing about a mood is that it can appear without any warning. It’s not something we’re consciously aware of, but something that just appears from nowhere. Being in a mood is a normal progression of stress, what we feel and think from what’s going on around us, so that we’re not so much in control.

Moods tell us that all is not okay and that we need to work through what’s causing our mood. There are people who suffer with moods all the time. They only see their life as negative. It’s very difficult to be negative and not be moody.

Moods and negativity are inherit, it’s something we see in families. Moods stem from unresolved issues that need to be resolved and with all unresolved issues, they need to be resolved quickly, calmly and efficiently.

It’s easy for us to bottle up our emotions. It’s even easier to say there’s nothing wrong and go about our business without uttering a word, but those emotions will eventually bring our mood down, until such a time we lose our cool.

Moods are contagious. Even if someone doesn’t have a history of being moody, it’s very difficult to be in someone’s company and not pick up what they feel. There is a train of thought that if we could sort out problems, we wouldn’t have moods.

Without moods we will have peace and tranquility.

15 Jan, 2011

4 thoughts on “Moods & stress

  1. I know exactly what your saying. I saw it with my father who always worried about something and a lot of times it was more than one thing at a time… and my spouse just holds everything in and is a little on the negative side.

    His answer to almost everything is “don’t get involved” or “leave it alone.” I’m the type of person that does get involved even if I don’t need to especially if it involves my family.

    I do get in moods occasionally and I have to fix whatever is wrong for my own peace of mind, but then almost always something else comes along. My daughter has something wrong everyday. She doesn’t seem to be happy.

    Always worrying about something or someone and she really lets it get to her. I don’t remember the last day when things where okay for her. It usually involves the health and well-being of her animals. She has several dogs, 2 ferrets, a cat and chickens and 2 ducks!

    I try to work things through with her but she always has a negative answer for everything.

    1. Lisa we will all have days like that when things are wrong that we have to put right; that’s part of life, but if we can recognise those times and try and work through them to bring about something positive, it will make life that little bit easier.

      Moods and stress are normally a culmination of things we’re not coping with, tell-tale signs that all is not well with the world. Once we work through them, we’re normally okay until something else comes along.

      The more we have to deal with, the more we will get better at sorting those things out. Experience and maturity helps. Thanks for posting.

  2. In many ways I find negativity is linked to a transition in mood. Often times though, it’s tough to pin point what is the exact cause of the change.

    Sometimes it’s obvious, but other times it takes some time to figure out the source of the problem.

    Resolving negativity helps you accomplish a great deal and a change in mood is just one of many things.

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