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Living a moral life is synonymous with spirituality. So, in a broad sense, when I talk about morality, I am defining spirituality. Spirituality has everything to do with morality.

Morality is everything that spirituality is. Being moral allows us to live honestly and purely in a world that doesn’t always take notice. Keeping morality close to us in the hub of everyday life, serves to remind us that morality and spirituality can pave the way for us to be happy, content and at peace.

Being moral and spiritual helps us to stay grounded in a world that is less than perfect, morally and spiritually. It is something we should all practice. Morality and spirituality, if continually practiced, will make us better people.

As long as we know right from wrong and have a conscience, we will follow a moral compass. Without basic rules surrounding morality, there will always be chaos in our homes and in our lives.

We’re not all instinctively moral, but we can choose to be moral. It is all a question of how we choose to relate and behave towards other people and in society. We must want to care about others and ourselves. We must want to have empathy, compassion and tolerance. We must want to follow and incorporate moral tolerance.

We need to strive to understand how our conscience plays its part in our moral compass. If the conscience alerts us to something that it knows is wrong, we can and should choose to change our behaviour. It is our conscience that challenges us to change how we see other people and how moral we will be.

8 May, 2016

10 thoughts on “Morality & spirituality

  1. My moral compass was damaged by a childhood of emotional abuse and neglect, specifically designed to do just that and bend my will to theirs.

    The only reason I actually had one, was because I chose to since my parents weren’t setting a very good example for us. They were living like they didn’t understand the rules and the fact that they did have children who depended on them.

    My Father would have made a good used car salesman and my mother should have worked for the CIA with her brainwashing capabilities. They tried force feeding us religion which is supposed to provide you with a moral compass, but only served for us to loathe and despise it.

    Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell and spirituality is for those who have already been there! In church they made it seem like if you committed even one sin, you would be going to hell, so what does that really teach anyone, other than you’re screwed no matter what?

    I learned more about what was right and wrong from reading books about King Arthur and comic books, than I ever did from reading the Bible. My moral compass was the only thing that kept from going too far off the rails and becoming a serial killer, which was where I was headed.

    My demons may have won a lot of the battles, but that doesn’t mean I gave up on the war! It’s one day at a time now.

    1. Thanks Randy. I am so pleased that your moral compass kept you grounded in your life where you had chaos. I know that without spirituality I would have been totally lost and for a finite time I was.

      Religion although good for some people, doesn’t work for everyone and from what I know doesn’t incorporate spiritual values and morality in the same way.

      It’s always important to have beliefs that we can incorporate into our every day lives. Spirituality and morality can if incorporated into our lives, make us better people, living better lives.

    2. Zainab you are exactly right! Religion is for people who are afraid of hell and spirituality means that you are already been there.

      I agree with this.

  2. No one really sees what a person brings into this world from the other side. That’s why I think goodness resides in the hearts of people who inhale and exhale morality naturally, as opposed to those who need to learn it from a book.

    I know we’re all alive in the physical sense, but spiritually many of us are way past dead; perhaps some people were just born that way.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I think some of us are intuitive than others, but believe we’re all capable of being better people, regardless of whether we’re intuitive or not.

      Morality is something we’re taught or should be taught in childhood by our parents, but that’s not a given, but still believe without that we can practice better disciplines if we choose to.

      I agree with you that goodness resides in the heart of people who inhale and exhale morality, but believe we’re all capable. The world would be a much nicer place to live if we all practised these disciplines.

      1. In healthy self esteem of morality, the most important age, is in childhood development years of birth to 7 yrs of age.

        It creates a lot of imprint beings for life, our brain is like a sponge, like a open gate of information, the one most important is empathy.

        As we grow older, if all morality isn’t completed, we drift from our start to regain, unless we are on a journey to build a better life, spiritually because we have walked through the PTSD tunnel of hell into the light of morality.

        1. Hi Robert and welcome to the site. You bring up a lot of interesting points and I agree. I have also heard it said in healthy self-esteem of morality, the most important age is in childhood development, between birth and 7 years of age.

          Childhood has a lot to do with what we become in adulthood. Morality and spirituality isn’t something we think about in our daily lives, but it is a lifestyle that can be incorporated successfully into our lives.

          But sadly, not everyone will take themselves on that journey and will spend a lifetime mentally and emotionally drifting, blaming others for their mistakes and their lives.

    1. Thanks Zainab and welcome to the site. I’m pleased you think it’s great. I appreciate you taking the time to leave such positive feedback.

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