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When the weather becomes warm and I begin to struggle with facial Keratosis Pilaris again, no matter what supplements I take nothing takes away the condition. I tend to have to deal with it full time.

It’s a frightening thought given that supplements are there to make us healthier, but there are obviously some conditions that we will never have cures for, never understand, know that they’re there and that’s something we just have to come to terms with.

I think the hard part for any of us is not understanding; not having the answers as to why we work so hard at keeping ourselves healthy and yet as much as we do, nothing seems to work. There is very little information out there as to why Keratosis comes and why nothing I do can ever make it better.

Doctors know it’s hereditary but have little knowledge about the condition and why nothing works apart from certain creams, which only help temporarily. When I first found out I had Keratosis some 16 years ago, the world didn’t know much about it, so much so that the Consultants I had seen, had difficulty diagnosing the condition.

One Specialist initially thought I had Lupus when a blood test came back positive, but I wasn’t convinced and neither was he, so I had another blood test, produced in a different lab and that test came back negative. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder problem, which goes some way to at least explain why there is no cure for it, but I don’t believe that to be the same of Keratosis.

It still doesn’t explain why conditions like eczema and psoriasis get better with certain diets and why Keratosis doesn’t get better through diet or supplements, or why I have it around my chin and mouth area and not on my arms, back or thighs.

There are lots of questions with no answers. I have to admit it can be demoralising at times, but I have come so far, dealt with so much to give up now.

16 Apr, 2011

4 thoughts on “More about Keratosis Pilaris

  1. Good information and questions.

    Maybe the future will give us answers on more natural medicine, not so much conventional meds. All they want to do is put us on another medicine with worse side effects than the disease.

    1. Thanks Lisa.

      I do agree with you that conventional medicine is used more to treat illness and the conditions we deal with, whilst not a lot is known about the alternatives meds.

      Hopefully in time that will change as more information and more natural medicine becomes available for those of us who look for alternative treatments.

  2. I have a red mark on my face so I went to a specialist and in about one minute he told me it was not cancer, gave me a prescription for some cream to clear it up (it never did).

    I was totally not impressed by this doctor and refuse to go back to him again. My father goes to him for a skin condition twice a year.

    I myself have no faith in him at all. The problem is, he is the only specialist in this field in this rural area, so I am stuck.

    Hopefully the red mark will disappear soon on it’s own but I am not counting on it.

    1. Randy, I’m smiling but just wondering how far you would have to go to see a new specialist.

      I am not sure I would settle at a specialist, however good he is, telling me without all the necessary tests that it’s not cancer. He may be right, but piece of mind goes a long way. If a new specialist isn’t so far away I would drive to get a second opinion, just to have your diagnosis confirmed.

      If you already have no faith in him, it would be worth a trip someone you do have faith in. Your health matters and so does a diagnosis you’re comfortable with.

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