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Religion and spirituality are total opposites. Historically, we were spiritual long before we found religion.

Spirituality allows us to look at a wealth of opportunities so that we can live our life in its most-simplest form. Spirituality can be described as an attachment to one’s inner soul through life and how we choose to live it, whereas religion attaches itself to the concerns of a life through faith, culture and society. That is why they can never be linked.

How does anyone know whether they’re spiritual?

When we accept ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually, we’re on the spiritual path. We find it easy to accept the things we cannot change, deal with the things we know we can and give of ourselves, without needing anything back.

Women are nurturers by nature, so they can access this quality, but men are more rational, but more recently, being rational has played a part in men understanding the qualities of being spiritual too. I believe our lifestyles and the habits we create stop us from living the spiritual way of life.

Take one example with two scenarios. What sets us apart from others is our attitude. For example, work. How many times do we stress out because we’ve spent what seems like hours in traffic, not returning until 6 to 6:30, then watching television all evening before going to bed. I suspect that is not the spiritual way, particularly if we repeat the scenario 5 days a week.

Now if we repeat the process and completely change our attitude so that we’re open to positivity in what our day brings, I believe that we will be more open to spiritual awareness. Reading is also a connection, because through reading we learn how to live our lives better.

Spirituality isn’t something that just happens, it’s a journey of different experiences, culminating in emotional tranquility and peace from within, to understand our lives and other people, whilst we continue to follow the path that puts us in tune with us and that of our surroundings.

6 Nov, 2010

4 thoughts on “More about spirituality

  1. I believe as you, on the difference of spirituality and religion.

    I read my bible nightly and pray 3-4 times a day about different things. mainly for others and that God’s will, will be done. It calms me and gives me peace.

    I’ve believed like this since I was a child… and I think things happen for a reason and that reason is God’s will. I thank God lead me to you to help me with things I deal with and because I needed a friend, someone I could talk to openly and not be judged.

    You’ve helped me in so many ways. You’re a blessing and an angel.

  2. Good journal today my friend. I had a day from you know where! I wish I could find you online but I can’t right now.

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