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In order to change the way we behave, we have to be committed to change. Half measures won’t work because it’s easy to go back and fall into line on the same thought patterns we left behind. Not only will that be easy, it will also happen very quickly.

Being part of any victim scenario can be difficult, particularly as they’re already dealing with low self-esteem and confidence issues. They will always see others as the victors, but never themselves. But we have to recognition first that we are in fact a victim. That is the first thing I would look at to change. Being able to see that we play the victim role is a very good place to start.

We need to ask ourselves the questions that matter. For example, how did I get to this place? Am I happy to continue to play the victim role? What do I need to do to change? The clues often lie in our family. It’s easy to ask ourselves the question as to how you became a victim, but we need to ask without judging to continuing to judge ourselves.

It’s okay to acknowledge that we became a victim, but it’s important to begin to think differently. There is nothing in the book that says we have to stay one. It’s all about mindset and mindsets can be changed. Finding a new perspective on being a victim and understanding it, is what needs to happen.

Perhaps look at the role your family gave you. Families tend to do that. It’s easier for them. Maybe that role was given to you; or maybe where you were in order of siblings, meant you had no choice. I think wherever we are in sequence of age with our siblings; we conform to our roles, which heighten our problems with becoming a victim.

We all develop behaviours we learn from our families and it’s those behaviours we emulate that we must consciously change. Once we begin to work on ourselves, there is no reason in my mind, why we can’t turn things around.

23 Feb, 2011

8 thoughts on “More on being the victim

  1. I’ve always felt like the victim, which I know is something I need to work on.

    It’s only recently been pointed out that I need to take a look at this pattern or else I’ll just keep repeating it

    Thanks for the insights!

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