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Once we’ve made a conscious decision to eat organic, perhaps it’s a good idea to try and look for the most economical way of buying organic produce.

Although many people may agree with eating organic, they’re more likely to be put off by the cost of buying weekly organic produce. Of course the drawback is the higher costs incurred by farmers to produce food without chemicals. Those costs are usually passed on to the consumer.

I hope the following information will help with your decision:

  • When farmers started producing organic food, the organic food they produce could be found in markets that sell organic produce. Now organic produce is sold in supermarkets too;
  • To get the best value on organic produce, supermarkets sometimes advertise special deals on organic food in order to promote more consumers to buy organic;
  • If you want to buy organic produce that’s on offer that you know you can’t freeze from fresh, for example tomatoes, make a sauce that can be frozen and brought out at a later date. Buying this way, allows you to buy organic produce at a discounted price more regularly;
  • There are many companies who offer weekly boxes of organic produce fresh from organic farms. They deliver to homes, or a pick up delivery place. They sometimes offer payment solutions, so we can pay in advance for a box, which includes a variety of fruit and vegetables, (depending on what’s fresh and can be picked that week), or buy on a pay as you need basis, if you’re not a regular customer;
  • If you want to buy organic, but cannot afford to shoulder the cost on your own, perhaps go halves with a friend and split the cost and produce two ways. My own feeling is that although it may cost slightly more now to buy organic produce, the benefits have to far outweigh the negative as far as cost is concerned.

I believe that by choosing organic, we choose to say no to eating foods that contain chemicals, hormones and insecticides. In the longer term those choices together with other lifestyle changes will help us stay well for longer.

30 Mar, 2011

4 thoughts on “More on eating organic

  1. I will buy organic if I have the money at the time or I may buy regular of some things and organic of others.

    We need to get everybody buying organic so we can decrease the price. Family farms are a good source of organic food. I have an aunt and her family that plant a huge garden every year so I have access to fresh vegetables and they had blueberries last year, along with strawberries and melons of different types.

    I remember as a child growing up my family always had a gardener as did my grandparents and my grandfather raised his own cattle so we had our own supply of beef.

    I would love to be able to grow a garden again. It was fun and it was something that brought us together as a family.

    1. Your family farm sounded wonderful Lisa and is such a great idea.

      In England more families are choosing to grow their own vegetables, but others still rely on supermarkets to buy fruit and vegetables, because it’s easier and because the corner grocery store is being phased out, in the name of politics and profit.

      I do agree that if the demand for organic produce was greater it would push the prices down, but the problem farmers have is that they cannot produce larger quantities cheaply enough over non-organic produce and the demand still isn’t there to push the prices down. People simply cannot afford to spend that kind of money on buying organic produce.

      You have some very good points here Lisa.

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