My fair share of struggles

It’s fair to say that I have had and I still continue to have my fair share of struggles. I get to the point where things tick over nicely, but then everything seems wrong, nothing seems right, and how I got to this place bothers me.

There is so much I would like to change, but can’t so my struggles go on. The summer months also reinforce some of my cerebral palsy issues. I tend to stand back so that I rationale my struggles from the outside in.

I rule things out that are affecting that don’t belong to me and deal with the things that I need to deal with. After I have a clear understanding of why, my struggles dissipate and it’s on to the next issue.

I know that when we are able to rationale mentally we become stronger, physically we adjust better and that helps us stay well for longer.

30 Jun, 2015

6 thoughts on “My fair share of struggles

  1. Yes, it can be so very hard when I’m facing struggles and don’t really know what to do! Usually it’s normal life things that most people learned how to handle because they had parents who taught them that I missed out on.

    It makes me feel very stupid at times when I feel like I should know how to do these things, but no one ever showed me. We lived a life where we had to make a lot of adult decisions just to survive without any training and the knowledge of children. This is why I so often call it, ‘being thrown to the wolves,’ which is pretty much what happened to us!

    What a great idea, to just step back for a few moments, take a couple of deep breaths and take the time to think about our next steps. It’s such a hard thing to do when you’ve always been in ‘survival’ mode and feel like you don’t have the time to think much about it.

    People (like my girlfriend even) get upset when you don’t just jump into action at times, but I end up paralyzed with fear and doubt. How else does a person react when they don’t know what to do? It just serves to remind me that unless a person has been through similar experiences, they have no clue as to what it’s like for us.

    1. As long as anyone has empathy they will empathise even if they don’t full understand. My experiences are different to yours Randy, but our struggles bring us together. I get you, get what you’ve been through only slightly different to my struggle.

      I think the problem is we all have something and when we have something we are dealing with, we have little patience for those who need our help and that’s where their lack of understanding comes in.

      From what you say Randy, you too have had more than your fair share of struggles and you’ve come through the other end. We need to settle one issue at a time. That way our issues don’t become our struggles.

  2. We all have our struggles, but some more than others and I do find that things go well for a time and then something comes along to knock us off course again.

    I think standing back and looking at issues can help as can discussing them with someone too. A fresh perspective can sometimes bring clarity where there is only confusion.

    1. Thank you. Yes I agree, things do seem go well for a time and then something knocks us off course again. In my case, more so than not.

      As they say a problem shared is a problem halved and I believe that to be true. We must go with whatever works for us the best. Once we get to know how we function, we will always do better.

      As my father used to say, ‘I know my character.’ The sad reality is many of us don’t always and sometimes that can be part of the problem. (We’ve reached our 11,000th response, thank you).

  3. I have those moments when everything is great. I feel at peace with having CP and I feel happy and very confident in myself. It feels like I have finally overcome my issues, then stress and outside influences make me feel bad again.

    I think it’s always going to be like this for me. It’s not easy overcoming the emotional issues brought on by past occurrences and CP.

    I can only enjoy the good moments, which will give me resiliency that will be helpful when I have to face my struggles again.

    1. Ditto on your thoughts. Your thoughts are my thoughts too! Absolutely wonderful response. Thanks Maria.

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