My health concerns

I often begin to concern myself over my long-term health, because I have cerebral palsy. Every now and again, something will rock the apple cart.

I remember being mentally tough as a child. I had to be. I had numerous hospital stays as a child, but none of them seemed to bother me. My physical problems over the years had more attention than my siblings’ health combined.

They weren’t pleased, but like them I had no choice. Health wise, I fleet between Irritable Bowel Syndrome and digestion problems, with stress usually being the underlying cause.

I try to cut stress down, but it’s not always easy to do, particularly when stress comes in through the back door. It’s usually centred around my extended family, which is where the bulk of my stress comes from.

19 Sep, 2012

8 thoughts on “My health concerns

  1. Cutting stress down isn’t always easy but we do what we have to do to make it through.

    I think how we handle things as kids determines how we handle things as adults. We just understand it more as an adult.

    As kids we are oblivious to a lot of things. We just know too much as adults and the world is cruel.

    1. I agree with you Lisa, although as a child I wasn’t oblivious. I understood a lot, but wasn’t emotionally equipped to deal with any of it.

      I think as children we’re not, but as you say as adults we understand so much more.

  2. I was a very sickly child, so ended up getting a lot more attention than my siblings, which I know they were very envious of!

    I was only a child and didn’t know any better, but there were times when I would take advantage of that to get what attention I could. When I became an adult, I went 180 degrees the other way and wouldn’t take the time to care of my physical needs.

    This has led to many stomach and IBS symptoms due to internalising all of the stress in my life. Over the past few years, I have finally taken care of a lot of my medical issues, so I’m actually feeling okay physically for a change.

    I’m sure you just need to make sure to take the time to care of your own needs before you get so run down that you’re not able to take care of anyone else.

    Take it easy!

    1. Thanks Randy, I hear ya! From what you’ve written Randy, it sounds as though our upbringing was very similar, in terms of the attention we both got.

      I’m pleased you’re feeling okay. I’m working on myself as we speak. I’m waiting for the tide to change on my circumstances though, I know that will help.

  3. Don’t take this comment in the wrong way but maybe you should talk to a therapist.

    It helped me deal with a lot of stuff like CP and my body image and dealing with my everyday stress. It is never too late. 🙂

    With love from France

    1. Thanks Maylis, none intended. I was in therapy for around 13 years or so. Looking back, I believe the only ones that can help us at the end of the day, are us.

      Of course it helps to have an outsider listen to our problems, but they cannot solve our problems, only we can do that. It’s our perceptions of what we deal with that inevitably turn our lives around. Something just has to click with us. That is my belief.

      My spiritual beliefs help me a lot, but still having the people in my life who never did and still didn’t support me enforces where I am. When I wrote this blog it was a particularly bad day.

      This will pass I know it.

      1. My biggest concern at 47 with CP has been an increase in my leg spasticity causing a real problem with mobility.

        I just started using a walker about 10 years ago. Reverse walkers interest me but I can’t find any local vendors where I can try one out. I guess the concept is too new and especially for the adult population. I did find a new website with some very helpful information at

        If you know someone who wants to request assistance for their disability and does not know where or how to apply for assistance, this is an excellent resource. It also has some general information on disabilities in general. God Bless!!

        1. Thanks Kim. I know how you feel. Having CP automatically gives us these kind of concerns. I have the same concerns.

          I hope your leg spasticity doesn’t get any worse.

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